July 14, 2011

❤ KOREA-Part 1

Ah! I have got my blog dead and inactive!!! This is no good.I have got lots to post up in fact , but the tons of pictures that I have to select from files make me skip this.Yes, do-nothing-lazy disease,struck me in the head.
So,this morning,out of no reason,I click on my Korea trip's pictures file and sort out the pics.
Anyohaesaeyo! people
yea,early June,here I was,Korea,and it was a family trip
Pretty fun but not much of shopping.Things are not-worth-to-buy pricey but the places are worth to visit
Lets see what have I got there

As soon as we touched down,there is no more time of washing up and all.we hop in the bus and took a 2 hours ride to our first destination

Took the big boat across the river and then,here we are....

If you love korean drama,well,pretty sure u know this place

Very huge stack of books huh!!

This attracted me the most.I called them stacky stones.I dont really know why do they stack up the stone and leave it there,maybe there is somekind of a way of making wish? who knows?

Funny,the korea duck came when we start posing for camera.I think it wants to be in the picture too ==''
After walking around there,we had our first lunch in Korea
Our first try on Korean food

I made a video for it
Click on it

Well,Its somekind of a tradisional food for the korean.Its call the sticky sweets and it is called 'nian gao' in chinese
Our 'nian gao is dark brown in colour while theirs are in white  (o_0)
Anyway, we enjoyed eating it

After we were done with our lunch,the shopping begun!
Walked around the street for hour and then we head back to hotel!!

Veryyy tired!!
Cant wait for the hotel!!
Hah! here we are after a short journey!
I have a video,and in this video,I introduced all of the hotels that we stayed in Korea
I did missed out 1 hotel I guess,but its ok,almost the same tho
here we go,click on it

Alright, I shall have the part 2 up hopefully tomorrow or maybe the weekends!
Good night folks

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