July 20, 2011

Learning at Korea. Part 2

In the Korea trip,I get to see lots of things and I also get to learn a lot of things because we had hands n session on stuff like skincare products/cosmetics,apple wine,and kimchi
Yes, we got the chance to DIY
So first of all,I would like to intro the apple wine in Korea
At a part ( I have forgotten where ) of south Korea,the apples are their main source of trade and plantation
Thus,they have the big industry of apple wine there
Not only wine they made out of their apple plants
They made so many other products with the apples 

I made a video to share with you guys with what we did
Thanks to Max who got me a flipcam from US
It comes in handy while travelling
and very useful indeed

The next thing that we get to try doing is cosmetics/skincare product
It was really fun to know that how things that we used are being made
This is a place where we get to make skincare products/cosmetics out of all the natural ingredients
Yes,no chemical substances
all you could smell and see are herbs and natural wax and oil
These was our proper apparel before we start doing

 Hah! He is looking so serious in his work huh!

All balms are ready!

Tada!! medicated soap bar after being harden in the fridge

And below is the video of our class

And finally we got to do our own Kimchi!
Went to the kimchi school
and the Kimchi that we (The tourist) made are going to be donated to the old folks home

Another video for you guys!
Making video is easy but having them uploaded and all took me lots of time
So enjoy the videos.Dont skip it laaaaa!
I know there is video that took kinda long like 10mins but Im pretty sure you gonna experience the same thing if next time you going to do those stuff when you are travelling to Korea
Part 2 has finally DONE
This is the re-do post because the first time of this post went unsaved and dissappear!!!
*I felt like choking myself to death*
blame the Blogger!! I have no idea whats wrong with it lately
The font and sequence of pictures and typing line are always out of order!!

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