July 28, 2011

To-gether gether!!

Wuuhoo!! Blogging time!
So,we had this lil get-together dinner yesterday at Winter Warmers
Jo is leaving real soon

O,my not-so-ready face for the camera!

Photo credited to JOJO & Alice! Good Job

Found some vain pichas of two kiddos!

Lol! I know they so gonna thank me for promoting these!

A dinner for her,but she had to pay!! Lol
This is her signature post for camera as her phone can never leave her hands
wait till u see below picture
The SAME pose!!

After dinner,we headed to the island to meet another babe! She was also leaving for Aussie and she left today
Met up,and chit chat a lil
Yea,apparently I do miss her

Hah! see..She and her phone again!!!!
Tsk tsk tsk

Oh ya, here I would like to thank Eelynn for being such a sweet friend
She got me and my lil pressie from Aussie

He was so happy to see the pressie!!
Mine,Im gonna post it up in another post!!

Good night folks

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  1. why u post my ugly n funny face....grrrrrrr