August 27, 2011

Black Circuit at 32 mansion,Penang

The very happening event on Thursday night!
The Black circuit at 32 Mansion,Penang
Very well organized and the invatitions are classy too

Babes came over for make over

and the ladies in black were all dolled up

Here we are!


Didnt manage to get much pictures becoz I havent got a flash for my new cam!
Overall,we enjoyed the night!!!

Outfit of the day

August 25, 2011


Very nice mood we have that day.
When "pat toh" with a chick of mine
and the romantic place we picked was THE Feringhhi Garden
It is actually kinda nice to sometimes have a ourselves time
Let everything that are buzzing u aside for a lil while
and just have a eat and eat day
For me,having a good meal would make my day and Im happy to see food especially during my "always-hungry" season
Those who know me well would know when is my season *wink*
So here is what I wanna say
Eating when you are hungry makes you filled and contented
Eating when you are happy makes you happier
Eating when you are stressed makes you calmed
Eating when you are sad makes you forgot the sadness at least on that lil time
So people,lets eat

Very filling meal we had!!
Of course we did not just end there
As told,it was an eat and eat night out
So,we headed to Straits Quay for dessert
Too bad my all time fav Tiramisu in cup in delicious was out
so I ordered Short strawberry...Hmm,I still prefer tiramisu

Till then
Nighty Night
Ohw!! I just love food!!!

August 22, 2011

The Double date

Its Monday and I guess most of you must be having Monday's blue
Well,there is a way to make yourself not feeling so blue,that is to think of what wonderful thing you have done during the weekends
I had kinda wonderful weekend,Saturday
I had double date with my babe and her Hubby
The Japanese & Ramadhan buffet dinner at Cititel Hotel
A very worthful dinner
It only cost RM55++ per person,so why not?
Overall I would rate this buffet (***) 3 Stars

Our Favourite! Salmon sashimi and fresh Oyster!!!

Hah! See how happy his face was...

Of course a vain pic of myself *wink*

OK,ignore the red big square there in the picture who took up like whole half of the picture = ="'

Dinner finished early,and we were still energetic for the young night
So we went for our second spot ,the infamous for now,

See,Iphone " hai si lang "
They so busy connecting the wifi

Till then.....
Hoping there is more in future,for sure it will

August 18, 2011

Short notification

Short notification here.....
Tonight is gonna be a blog post of my Europe trip on June
I have totally forgotten about it! How could this be!


August 13, 2011


Hah! Went for M.A.C interview today for their coming event
During the interview I have to complete a complete makeover in 45mins
So I have my sis as my model of the day

And also thanks to baby fat for the company

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August 11, 2011

Island is Love

Hello friends!!
I will be staying in the island on most weekdays from now. Yea Penang!
Broadband is working real S...L...O...w
So I just have to blog with my phone

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