August 22, 2011

The Double date

Its Monday and I guess most of you must be having Monday's blue
Well,there is a way to make yourself not feeling so blue,that is to think of what wonderful thing you have done during the weekends
I had kinda wonderful weekend,Saturday
I had double date with my babe and her Hubby
The Japanese & Ramadhan buffet dinner at Cititel Hotel
A very worthful dinner
It only cost RM55++ per person,so why not?
Overall I would rate this buffet (***) 3 Stars

Our Favourite! Salmon sashimi and fresh Oyster!!!

Hah! See how happy his face was...

Of course a vain pic of myself *wink*

OK,ignore the red big square there in the picture who took up like whole half of the picture = ="'

Dinner finished early,and we were still energetic for the young night
So we went for our second spot ,the infamous for now,

See,Iphone " hai si lang "
They so busy connecting the wifi

Till then.....
Hoping there is more in future,for sure it will

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