September 29, 2011

Bloggers meet up by Project Penang at Sakae Sushi Auto City

I have always love Japanese cuisine and one of the Japanese restaurant that I frequent is Sakae Sushi for its good sushi at resonable price.To my excitement,Project Penang launched an event on the 24th,which was last weekend.It is called,The bloggers meet up and it was held at Sakae Sushi Tepanyaki at Auto City!!!!
Ah,bloggers meet up??!!!! What more to wait as I know it is going to be a great event ? Without hesitation,I registered myself!
During the night,we have 20 over bloggers attended.
We have the "food specialist",Jason Wong and his wife,a scottish,photographers and many other
That was the first time of me attending bloggers' event at Penang
It good that finally this small town/island have got events coming up.Thanks to Project Penang

The event was fully sponsored by Sakae sushi
And lets see what did we get upon attending

RM50 Gift Vouchers

The menu of our dinner!

and I did not just go alone,I have another blogger with me!
Jac Yin

Now lets see what we are served!

The first dish we had,the Sakae salad
I call it " Japanese lou sang "

so,we tossed the ingredients altogether!!!

Then we have the platter for everyone

Not filling for you?
We then have the garlic fried rice served

Then we have this Omo tempura shell crab
Hmm,my first time trying this and it is not bad!!

and the final dish we had...
The highlight! Sakae Lobster Mentaiyaki

Lets see how we promoted the food

One thing that attracted my sight on that night was photoshooting!
You could see how much of effort and the fun of them capturing pictures

Hmm,good bloggers werent they?

Now that I have know even more about Sakae because we had Ranney,Sakae Sushi & Tepanyaki Auto City Branch Manager briefing us a lil about the history of Sakae sushi and also the meaning of the Sakae logo.
Well there is too much to explain it here but I could sum up that the whole logo of Sakae has the general meaning of prosperity and now that I know Sakae sushi originated from Singapore
The big bos of Sakae is a Singaporean
He created sakae sushi for his wife who loves japanese cuisine so much
Awwww....Lovely arent they

Then we had our Project Penang in charge person Mr Vincent giving some introduction

Then came the fun when we had the Sakae froggie mascot coming out for photo session with fellow bloggers

The only white in the group

Sakae sushi Auto City was formerly known as Sakae Izakaya
but now they have a whole new transformation
New renovated Sakae Izakaya and now it is officially called
Sakae Sushi & Tepanyaki
and it has got touch screen digital menu for ordering and also convey belt
So people out there,if you love Sakae like I do,do not hesitate to visit this new place

Once again thanks to Project Penang and Im looking forward to seeing more upcoming events

Sakae Sushi & Tepanyaki Auto City
Address: 1815-B, Jalan Perusahaan, Auto City, North-South Highway, Juru Interchange, 13600 Prai Penang.

Tel: +604 5080268
Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:30pm

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September 23, 2011

Annivesary guzzler!

Celebrated my 6th anniversary with panda past few days
The place I picked
Rasa Sayang Shangri La Resort Hotel
Spice Market ,Buffet dinner
I love trying out buffet becoz,I get to eat a lot at the lowest price *giggle*
This place is highly recommended for its yummy and fresh food
Varieties of choice from appetizer,main course to desserts!

Our seat!
I kind of felt I was in holiday!!

Clean and classy touch!Love it

Then,let me promote you the food and my "greed-of-food" face

I love the scallops and fresh prawns!!!
Im sooooo gonna go again!

All time favourite! Fresh salmon sashimi and sushi

Some stupid pictures we took while waiting for some digestion in our stomach for 2nd round guzzle!

Cheers for the night!
Good food!

Happy 2011 September the twentieth!

September 21, 2011


Wishing myself and him a happy 6th anniversary
Nobody knows how many more of anniversary that we would get to celebrate together
So let's appericiate the present
Like always said:
Don't think of the pass Coz it has already gone
Don't worry for the future Coz it is not even here
Live for the present becoz that's what u have NOW


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