September 23, 2011

Annivesary guzzler!

Celebrated my 6th anniversary with panda past few days
The place I picked
Rasa Sayang Shangri La Resort Hotel
Spice Market ,Buffet dinner
I love trying out buffet becoz,I get to eat a lot at the lowest price *giggle*
This place is highly recommended for its yummy and fresh food
Varieties of choice from appetizer,main course to desserts!

Our seat!
I kind of felt I was in holiday!!

Clean and classy touch!Love it

Then,let me promote you the food and my "greed-of-food" face

I love the scallops and fresh prawns!!!
Im sooooo gonna go again!

All time favourite! Fresh salmon sashimi and sushi

Some stupid pictures we took while waiting for some digestion in our stomach for 2nd round guzzle!

Cheers for the night!
Good food!

Happy 2011 September the twentieth!

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