September 7, 2011

Me Myself and I

Hello people,Im Christer C, a makeup artist/stylist as well as a freelance photographer
I know some might be wondering about my profession.Yes I graduated in my Dip in Pharmacy but this is who I am now.I think I shall not explain more
So,I provide make up and photography+videography services for various events such as wedding,performances/show,private functions etc
visit my facebook page at Christography ( You can also see my page at the sidebar of this blog)
Do email me if you need any services listed

From now onwards,Im gonna post up more of my work here
So,its not merely a personal life blog will it be
Hopefully this blog brings you more fun
Thanks for your support,it meant a lot to me
and for my HATERS,thanks too, for using your time to hate me =)

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