September 2, 2011

Ramadhan lil fun time

I bet big and small are all in holiday mood.Kids are having their school break and I just got back from the south.Not far *wink*,just KL.I miss spending time there.I know I wouldnt prefer to stay in KL but for shopping and night life YES
(Unless I have a cute BF *like LeeMinHo* there in KL)!
This time I didnt shop much but I have got great time there with my panda,my family and friends
Let me show you guys some pictures

My first hit! Sushi Zanmai (all time fav)


My first time visiting Tokyo street at Pavilion ! @__@
Yes,it is that long that I didnt go visit KL
Tokyo Street wasnt opened during my last visit
So,it has been months.. =__="

Met the new couple

It was merdeka eve when on the day of my arrival
So,it was impossible for youngster to go to bed early right
So,our next spot was Thai Club
meeting the relatives
I have 5 tables long of relatives gathering that night
We had fun and lots of foooood

The party people

And there goes my day 01
The next day
Parents came down to KL for lunch from the Highlands
Of course partly was to meet up with fellow relatives
Had our lunch at Grand Palace ,Pavilion

Tsk,tsk,tsk...Kids nowadays
Apple " Hai si lang " lol

He proved the food were all yummy?!

Oh,not forgetting to celebrate the August babies
The 14th and the 31st
Happy Birthday both lil sis

So after the lunch, I headed up to the Highlands with friends and panda
Reached at dinner time and then to the casino to try our luck
The next day,we girls had our breakfast at the lounge

Before heading back home,we headed to One Utama
Had our lunch

Bye holidays
and Im back to where I belongs now....

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