October 30, 2011


Its halloween and everyone has their freaking looks out there.I have never try one creepy make up on my own face,but today I did for my couzie!
He is going for a Halloween partayyyyy!
ME???? Sitting at home!!! F.M.L seriously
Alright,let see what I have created

My first try.What do u think?
Self taught this time
Gonna learn from my academy soon,its interesting!
I will try one 3D work next time

October 29, 2011


Woohoo,finally I found a spec frame that I adore.Unexpectedly it is from a very common local brand
I still love it though.

I multiuse the sunglass

Its huge,but who cares =)

October 27, 2011


Ever heard of the sweet pretty talented famous twins in Youtube
If you dont know who I am talking about,hah,you have to do some brushing up in www.youtube.com
Subscribe their channel at Jayesleetv
I was so excited when I received a good news from my girlfriend saying that she got me tix to go see them live in PWTC.
So,drove all the way down to KL just to see them
Who I am talking about?
Trust me,they are really adorable and pretty in person,already they are in pictures.

Before going for the concert,I showed Mr Boy who they are in their youtube channel
Immediately he said yes' to go and see them
So,two tix for us

MC of the night,Jean from Hitz FM

Then some live band performances

Then,we have the Famous Beatboxer,tinny lil boy with HUGE voice
Shawn Lee
together with him,"The nasi lemak guy,Lan Chiao,Muah Muah" (sorry,forgotten his real name)
In real,he is a great violinist

At of course,long awaited!!!

OOps! Shaky hands!!!
Not much pictures I got.I was so indulged and couldnt be bothered to take pictures!

October 21, 2011

Hello Kitty HLBB

Everyone in Facebook and instagram are posting their very cute ATM/Debit card from Hong Leong Bank
I think it's the first card that everyone is crazy to get it
Because it is a HELLO KITTY printing on the card
So have you got yourself one?
See the privileges you can get when you apply or switch for one

I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty but it is at least cuter than the plain blue card right?
Furthermore by just cash in another RM300 you will get 10 entries for the lucky draw to win prizes

From the plain blue to something cuter!! Tadahh!!

Go grab yourself one too
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October 20, 2011


Ahha posting my backdated post
Here I am in Switzerland
It is a very peaceful and beautiful place.Places of fascinating scenery
A very calm and relaxing atmosphere you could smell there
It is definitely a very suitable place for the old pensioner

Our stay!

October 19, 2011


What do most girls spend on?
Ahha! Lets see mine
I spend most on FOOD (Wasted $ only lah' never gain any Kg at all)
I would say :
  • 40% Food
  • 20% Cosmetics
  • 5% Skincare products
  • 30% Clothing & Shoes
  • 5% miscellaneous

Lets talk about cosmetics
Lil things but took up 20% of my money WTF
lets see what I have in my personal make-up box
First compartment : Blushers + Cream Shadows + Shadows base + Finishing powder

Second compartment : Glosses + Lipstcks

then Shadowssssss + Gel Liner

Not that I use them most of the time,some are even not needed but....I just cant resist not buying them
Ok, I have to admit that I love collecting cosmetics lah'
So,this is how money "hilang" suddenly

Oh this is bad!
I have lots of bad habit,mostly collecting items habit is real bad
Not only that it would make a person goes broke,it also make my room smaller and smaller
Lets list what I love to collect

  • Cosmetics
  • Bags
  • Cameras
  • Spectacles
  • Earings
  • Shoes
  • Stationaries (I DONT KNOW WHY)
  • Boxes ( IDK why too)
  • Hair accessories (I use once in a blue moon ==")

OMG!! Too much!!
my tomorrow resolution


New Face

HAH I have finally fixed my blog! Love my new header up there and seeing this new face of my blog,Im gonna do some blog post tonight! *fingercrossed!!!
Stay tuned readers
Love you guys for the supports
Btw I have removed the music player in my blog because some readers said that it intrudes them when reading my blog
Oh yea! My niece says thanks on behalf too

October 18, 2011


Jayeslee are coming to town!!!
Yes!! They will be here in KL on the 22nd
I am a big fan of this twin because of their talent and personality
Despite the fame they own, they are very humble and real
Can't wait to see them live!
Thanks to my "old bes Si fe len" who got me the ticket
Thanks a bunch!!!
Oh and u don't know who Jayeslee are,
Go to YouTube and type Jayeslee
Subscribe their channel
And I believe u will eventually love them just like how I do!

Excitedly waiting for the day!!
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October 8, 2011

For you J

Birthday post it is
Wishing my girl friend a wonderful birthday
Celebration held at Mansion 69,Batu Feringghi

 Elegance and classy touch of the setting

 The pretty birthday girl


October 2, 2011

Get your own life

Hello it's my freedom to blog anything I like and anything I do and also anywhere I go
So you don't have to be jealous complain and "kepo"
Don't like what I said or post then just don't click to view my blog!!!
You simply pissing me off!!!

"hey readers I don't meant to be harsh but I have someone out there complaining I'm a lil high profile and was asked to limit my post and Facebook check in,so I wanna make it clear to that person that this is my own business"
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