November 1, 2011

All about KIM Kardashian!


This couple who just got married for 72 days is filling a divorce?

OK,I dont get that!

We do they even thought of getting married at the very first place?

Not gonna say who is doing right and who is not

Just that ,this is too quick

A 18M wedding that just happened past 2 month plus is now tailng with a FULLSTOP

Look! How sweet was the proposal initially

Awwww! But....everything is over soon

Kim said,they will remain friend

Kim has always being a diva to me,with her to-die-for body,her fashion,her possession,her life and almost everything!

Now a lil dissapointment just hit

But a "wow" admiration that she wasnt even being affected with the marriage breakdown

Look at her excitement in her tweet

Well,for me this is good

*I believe everything happens for a reason

well,Kim good luck in all!

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