November 16, 2011

Back to the old day

I did a pretty fun thing with a buddy of mine pass few days
I learnt and I saw lots of things that I dont think I could easily see them in this modern world
He has a passion on architecture.So,he showed me around at some "oldies" place in the Island
Was very happy and joyful seeing those classic buildings.OK I was pretty "sam pat"
But,I really didnt see that before mah!
Let me bring you guys to the golden era

Look at the antiques! The chair,the fan,the tiles..and more when I went in yesterday

The lamp is made of Biscuits can.Cool right?!

Then we moved to this heritage hotel
Beautiful one indeed
Combination of the modern + classic

The wooden door and the frame are just ....LOVE
The glass pieces of art ( I dont know what they call that exactly ) on the top of the wall
are very detailed and hard to make

 Overlooking from the window upstairs

Look at the cozy bedroom

So,readers,if you want to come visit Penang Island,you have made a good decision
I could be your guider here,getting you a wonderful accomodation based on your requirement
Penang Island is indeed a great place to visit
Back to more antiques story
We went to a heritage office
You woulnt believe its actually a work place

The meeting table

They kept lots of old old stuff

The back yard made me feel like I was back to the 60's

So thats about it
Will have more to come
Wait till I make another visit to a new place

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