December 31, 2011

A greeting to all

I'm here wishing all my lovely readers a very happy and prosperous new year.May u all be blessed with the greatest health and happiness in the year ahead.

December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Ugh! Everyone has got their Xmas blog post and Im so late
Lol...Nevermind,here comes mine
So Christmas was a long weekend.Off for the weekends and monday!
I had a different experience this Christmas.I went to Hatyat instead of those happening city.
Woke up very early in the morning and we drove all the way up heading north
2 hours journey and we reached the immigration

Coming to Thai,you never will miss the praying session

Thai has got lots of food too
and of course we never missed it
Visited floating market in the late evening

Saying about feasting
Lets see some candid shots I took

Lastly,our so Xmas mode on that day but to my surprise,there wasnt any countdown nor Christmas song blast +__+"

December 24, 2011

Long weekends!

Gonna have my weekends in Thai with Mr boy and babe
Will be back with more photo!! Yay!

Xmas weekends short trip =)

It's Xmas eve tomorrow
Some might have party/club plan(Mostly)
Some might just have a good dinner with loved one/family
Some might just stay home,enjoy the work-free days
And some might plan for a short trip like me
A friend called up and was asking to go for couples' short trip
So yea! This should be a fun plan
Packing always have been a *headache*
But let's see what I have packed for this 2 days 1 night trip

Follow me on instagram(christographyc)/twitter(christer3) more my updates
I often post up pictures
I should go to bed now! Setting off pretty early tomorrow
See u
First pic: Mini pouch in the handbag
Sec pic: Mini makeup box for the skincare and cosmetics + cosmetics travel pouch
Third pic: Travel essentials in the handbag
(Cam/Travel wallet/Shade/Passport)

December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday ChiChi

Celebrated my oldmate's Birthday here in Matsu!
Happy Belated Birthday to Chia.
Was my first time dining there,so my reviews are
Food : 8.5/10
Hygiene : 9.5/10
Service : 9/10
Price : 7.5/10
Environment : 8/10
Overall : NOT BAD!!!
This was a surprise birthday celebration
The birthday girl didnt even know that we were there
She went there thinking that only one friend would be there for the dinner
And when she reached.......
Stunned! and blurrrrr......
Then surprised....Happy...Big laugh!!!

Then sat quietly to order.......she was shy shy...

Then...lets see what we had..

Tadaaaa...the cake from WeeLee
Lets see the happy girl again

Showing her new ring! Yes,she is a ring girl! and then...she started chopping the cake

Then we had a family potrait!

Thanks to
Organizer/Director : WeeLee
Co-Organizer/Director asst : Mei
Starring : Christer Chin
Thierry Sim

Congrates to Q&S

Few more weeks wil be the end of year 2011
I havent been updating my blog recently.So,now,rewind!!!
Lets go back to November
Ah! Never forgotten! My dearie girl's big day!

Preparing the games!

Here comes the smart looking groom


The reception

Congratulations once again to Mr & Mrs Lim