January 27, 2012

Dragon! Huat ar!

Ahha! How is your CNY so far??
Mine was pretty fine with the Ang paos,food,gamble and meeting with pals.
Still wanna say Happy Chinese New Year to all of you and may this year of dragon give you prosperity and good health.

January 19, 2012

Healthy Brown done!

The colour was perfect
Hair roots are coloured and the ends look healthier

CNY Dye!

Few more days to Ang Paossss
I told myself not to dye my damaged hair anymore but it's so tempting after seeing everyone else having new hair colour.
I had this dye at home which my aunt bought for me for sometimes and I have been keeping it for sometimes
And today,I "tak boleh tahan"
So I dyed my hair eventually with this Liese platinum beige!!

Waiting for the result!!

January 15, 2012

Clarke Quay

Hello from SG
I've always heard of the infamous Clarke quay
I have been there,strolling around but haven't really sit down and enjoy the atmosphere before.
Yesterday was my first time drinking there.
Sat down with a couple of friends,caught up a lil
Saturday night, and it was pretty crowded
We were at a bar,called crazy elephant
Thanks to james for the drink
Bos of the night! 😁

January 11, 2012

Resolutions by CNY

11 more days to CNY!!!
Oh my, time flies!!!!!!
I haven't got any new year resolutions jotted down yet!
Since I'm up in this morning with this tittle popped in my mind
Lets have my resolutions done
At least 5 resolutions I should have.
1. To gain at least 2KGs (which never happened in my life)
-tried putting butter in milo and eggs in fresh milk didn't work! Drinking protein powder failed! Weight gainer,failed!!!
2. To get another lens for work
-I have always wanted a 70-200 F2.8 nikkor but super pricey!!! Maybe I would get a third party one.
3. To get one designer item as self reward.
4. To blog at least 3 times a week
-Hopefully with more info
5. To do advert post
-Never tried before.
6. To visit NYC/AUS/UK/TWN
- Really hope I could go one of these places this year before the world end!! LOL
7. To earn more & save more
-So that I could achieve above resolutions =)
Everything require $$$

Oops! I have extra TWO!
Alright all I could think for now...
Hopefully I could achieve everything

January 10, 2012

Roti Bakar

Found a great place in Penang for breakfast today
Credited to Greselda for telling the existence of the place
It's at Campbell Street
Specialize in Roti Bakar and Soft boiled eggs