February 20, 2012

Tamparuli,Sabah.Lovely place with lovely people

I am finally back from everything I was busy with.Shootings,work,+valentine's trip.
Anyhow I enjoyed very much despite handling outstation job alone.
If you do follow my

Facebook page-Christography.C or De Graphy

You would know that I went to Sabah for an engagement shooting of my lovely friends
What I am trying to say is that,it was a wonderful work trip for me
It was my first time to Sabah,the beautiful place.I experienced the stay in tradisional house and it was breezy cool at night and early morning.

I get to see the different culture of the native Sabah,I felt the warmth of the friendly family and also felt their strong believes in religion.I was treated like part of their family.
I am here to say thanks to the Family,Akki,Innak,May's mum (For cooking me wonderful food and provided me thick comforter)+dad+sis+bro and of course you May and Raj.

The Tamparuli hanging bridge

Us at the UpsideDown house in Sabah
"Rumah Terbalik"

Till faith make us meet again
I will go back again to explore more of the unseen Sabah

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