February 24, 2012

Valentines of mine❤

February has always become the month of love because of the 14th,which is the Valentines
Valentines day doesnt mean you celebrate only with your lover/partner but it is to celebrate with your loved one like parents,siblings,family and friends count too.So single out there,no worries ok.
How was your valentines?
I am sharing mine
I had my pre-Vday dinner on the eve when I just touched down the airport,back from outstation job
and so my panda' came fetching me then we went for a simple dinner at the first "Itallianies" in Pg

When we were heading to dinner place,I was given a rose.It was a surprise.Not any big huge bouque but that was more than enough because he was never a flowers giver person neither am I,a flowers taker.
It anyhow surprised me because I never expect he would get me that.So,I am here to say thanks,Panda.I see the effort. *wink*

And when we were at our dinner place,I bumped into my sis =_='''
So, we had our Vday at the same place,and we sat next table

Enjoyed the food there.
Heard some complains that the services there are bad but during my visit,it was pretty well.
This year,we had our Valentines trip to Sg
Met aunt's family and a friend

This trip again is about foooooood
Our first station
On the Valentines day night
"Uncle Leong's Restaurant"

It was yummmmmy!!!

Then the next morning

And the night dinner?
I meet my babe and the hubby
Dine at Kuishin-Bo Suntec City
Authentic Japanese Buffet

And the limited time dessert that we got

Before we left Sg,one of our must-go-eat place

And so...That was it
Wishing everyone out there have great days ahead not merely for February but every single month


As for the Vday gift

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