March 30, 2012

Selena Gomez Fashion pieces!

I am not a huge fan of Justin Bieber but,I kinda like him.I followed his tweets and IG and love to see him with his girl too.
I never know who Selena Gomez is until news popped out.JB's girl.So,I went checking on her background.LOL.Watched her interview on E! channel,followed her in twitter and IG and booooom! I start loving to see her.
I love her makeup
I love the way she dresses up
I love the way she speaks
and I see huge confidence in her
She carries herself very well

A paragraph that I copied down from a website of what Selena said:
That makes me love her more

Selena Gomez has a fashion sense that all of us know and love, but did you know that fashionista Selena is also a great bargain shopper? She explains that she LOVES getting a good deal when it comes to shopping. Selena said, “I usually don’t spend over the $20 mark, I feel so much better buying a top for $20 that isn’t so different from the one that costs $200.” Selena also spills that the gorgeous outfits she wears on the red carpet are borrowed, which is exactly the way she prefers.
Whatever Selena decides to buy or wear, we can all agree that she looks fabulous in anything, right?

Lets stalk a lil on her fashion

The casual daily look

Ah! I wanna wear like her too...But...M A L A Y S I A =___=

Lets see her during awards,red carpets and other events

 Goodness me! I want that sexy cut tooooo!

 Not big boobies only can bring out gorgeousness!!!!

Tonight,I want to stack 2 more pillows up.So that I at least could dream of a celebrity wardrobe!!!!!
Happy for them,the lovey dovey JELENA
Hopefully,this pair last forever

My show time!

LOL The Phailed pictures!!!

Years back!! I laughed seeing this...

I managed to dig out few! All pics are kinda...OFF...
Now that I realised,I took not much pic I took of myself from top to toe!
Hmph!! I gonna start doing more in future

March 27, 2012

Hat Yai Getaway!

And I just back from my short visit to HatYai
With the couzie and the GF then me and panda
Nothing much to do there.Stalls hopping,market shopping and EAT

I never missed Thai TomYam everytime I go there.Its like the must-eat medicine.LOL and of course their king Mango as well!!

Our first dining
Steamboat + Sushi Buffet
Super cheap
342Baht per person (RM34)

Mango mania!!
Not cheap though! RM3 per mango (Its like only 8 pieces) =_=

Another thing that I will do in Thai is,pray!
Visited a temple that I regular each time I visit Hat Yai

And that was the one night 2 days fun we had!

March 18, 2012

Dedicated post

I have been lazy!
I have not been updating my blog
I am so gonna punish myself by.....writting a long long post?
alright lets start now.What have I missed to blog
oh ya ya.My big mouth dude bigday!!!
Gathered with my babes and dudes,and we dine at Sushi Tei

 wooo...Boobies lady iphone holder

Sweetest couple ever *wink

I know this has passed long time ago.But I think I can greet one more time
Happy Birthday
and I love this photo