April 6, 2012

April,my favourite month❤

Time flies! Its April already.This is my favourite month because,its my birthday's month,weeeee!
Its very flatered during your birthday's month because you tend to have privileges in most stores
Like in Topshop/Dorothy Perkins,I am entitled for 25% off voucher.I will have extra % discounts dining at particular restaurant in this month.Woots..I am totally loving this!
Since its gonna be my birthday soon,let me make a wishlist here
Who knows angels fly by,dropping me the gifts
*Dazing! Dreaming!*

1. A Nikon D800 or maybe a D4
2. A Designer's bag
3. Cash of 1000 Pounds
4. SB900 Nikon Flashlights
5.  Half a dozen of MOET (wink* you know I'm winking to you) 
6. Air Tic to Taiwan?!
7. YSL/Balenciaga/Chanel Clutch
8. Bag
9. Bag
Last but not least
10. Bag again! Hahahahahahah

Hahahahahahah! I know,I am just making myself happy writting all the imposibilities!!
Mum,Dad,Sis,Grandpa,Grandma!! Please come and read my blog!!!!! READ it!

Have a great day ahead people
Love you all! XX

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