May 2, 2012

2012 Birthday bash!

Its the second day of MAY already.Time flies.Everything passed so fast.So I am making a overall sum up of my big day in the past month.It was my birthday.

Thanks to Panda for the day
And of course before that I had my birthday breakfast with my lovely girl and her hubby
They had to fly back on the day
Thanks for Mr and Mrs Lim
And thanks to another heartiest lady who came for the breakfast
Thanks Mei
We enjoyed the food so much that I totally have pictures forgotten

Its my birthday,and definitely I would never miss.The prayers.Did some offerings to the Buddha and monk.
Its time for my dinner.
That time,I went back to my fav Itallian restaurante
Intro by my old mate

Love the whole setting and the ambience of the restaurant
and of course the main reason I went back was for the food!!!
I just love the food that I have to tell to everyone.
I am never a meat person.However I am so hooked up with their cuts.
Really.You people so try it out for yourself 

Looking at the pictures makes me wanna go there again.
Its located very near to the Penang jetty.A white bright building
Then,its time with my fellow friends.
Euro Deli
Thanks to all my ladies and gentlemen who attended the celebration
It was an awesome night
and really appreciate your appearance.  

Beautiful and delicious cake I got
Really thanks to my girls

Then the session began

and the pressies I got

Thanks to the ladies
Qweny C
Alice O
Jenny F
Jac T

Thanks to the lovey dovey Greseldha & Phang
and then I gonna list down the name who still owe me
*Evil Laugh*
1.DAD ( lol,wait until I choose one in the UK)
2.Sisters (Major person Sukkie Chin who made me drink so much)
3.Panda (Claiming in the coming UK trip)
4.The Yip's twins
5. YB Ng JY
6.SC Yow (All the way from Taiwan right?!)
7. Jojo and Suz (Bardot! Bardot!)
I have the senarai nama now!!
dont get shocked when you see your name listed

Anyway,I still wanna say THANKS to all of you
Love you all

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