May 15, 2012

Food trip to Pulau Aman

If you have always been following me.You will know that I am a FOOD LOVER
I love hunting for great food wherever I go
This time,I am introducing Malaysian all time favourite.
Mee Goreng
I know I know,you can get Mee Goreng every where in Malaysia but the Mee Goreng that I am going to tell you is from a very different place.
Not the road side stall nor a mamakstall
Its at a Floating Restaurant at Pulau Aman

The port for the "sampan" to get to Pulau Aman

After a mere 3 minutes ride of sampan,here we are!
Its not a big island.Its just a small village

I call all this VINTAGE! LOL...Selling by their door step

And then,this is the floating restaurant that I am telling you!

 Very crowded! and you might need to queue for seats if its full house
They even sell fresh catches and you can have the immediate cook in the restaurant too

Their must order drinks.The coconut and my favourite,lime + Sour plum!!
You can make it at home too

OK,they dont sell much choice of food.So this is their menu!
I called them specialist for the traditional noodles delicacies
Maybe a lil too exagerated la,but those food really worth trying
The price is a lil overpriced ya..but...I still love the food

 I almost ordered everything in the menu!

Then the second round
Malay Kampung Laksa

Wheather was steaming hot! Sweating here there while eating but I wont say NO for a second visit!

My outfit of the day

Flare top from boutique
Pants Voir
Flats Vincci ,definite comfy for Pulau Aman visit
Sunnies Vincci a must have for Pulau Aman
Bag vintage Bonia


  1. lovely shots, and the food looks yummy!]

    Would you like to follow each other? :)

  2. niceee! but seems like a lot of people there! =S

  3. Plan to go here tomorrow. :) Thanks for the article.