June 21, 2012

School breaks

Another blog post of my latest trip,during the school breaks.It was the schooling kids enlighted time.It was a fortnight holiday for them.No class for 2 weeks!
So what more if it is not a trip to a fun place?
So my family and I went to China
A short trip but,at least they can have some fun right?

 My first time with Cathay.I would rate them a 9 out of 10
Touched down HK at noon and then took the so called jet to Macao

And the first spot when we reached Macao was the temple.
This is like a temple that we will definitely pay a visit everytime we were in Macao

Wheather was hot! Ice creams was the best thing there.
And so,we reached our most wanted destination!The HOTEL
Poooof! I love this hotel so much because it is so well equiped and the service....nothing I would complain.

Being too lazy to walk out for dinner,we ordered in.Dinner table was nicely set by the bed.

The next morning when we had to leave for Guangzhou,had our great breakfast.A beautiful place overlooking the town

After 2 hours ride,we finally reached Guangzhou
The food in China is never my choice becoz it is oily.
But I have something to recommend here.
Go look for "Wu mi zhou" meaning riceless porridge
It tastes so good and for me its something unique
Raw food are being cook in the porridge soup which means the porridge is like the steamboat soup and at the end of all the cook,you can drink up the porridge.
It tastes so good after all the cooking being done in there

The side orders

Guangzhou is a shoppers paradise
Aside from that,it sort of bring me back to old days

The street food eater.
Not much of pictures during my stay in Guangzhou becoz I was busy doing shopping!LOL
After 2 nights stay,we had to go back to Macao becoz we are flying back from HK
So here is another hotel that I love!
VERY beautiful room with a private jacuzzi pool in there (Not so practical anyway)
and a Classic tub which is my main highlight

Lets see

 Ya,and this is the tub that made me feel like bringing it home

Till then!
Macao,I love you
Dont mind going back again and again!

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