July 15, 2012

Berlin City ❤

And was touring around city of Berlin yesterday
A city with lots of history like really a lot!!
WWII,that's why
Let me have some sneak peek

July 14, 2012

Hello from Berlin City

Ah thanks to the iPhone app that I get to blog using my mobile.
It's 11pm in Germany now and I am heading for bed soon.
This is my first time to Berlin city.I was first kinda excited for it but now..it wasn't as great as what I expected.Crazy wheather,sudden rain and food majority go to pasta & pizza!
However the hotel is real fine.Its not easy to get a good hotel with a reasonable price to stay at a stranger's place.I had bad experiences with hotels already.Paying through my nose for a real bad room! well,their pictures and lobby looks real nice but....gosh...the room... You just don't want to read about it.
Imagine RM550 for a night stay in a motel-like room???! Seriously?!

Currently im in RAMADA Hotel,Berlin City.It is located to the Underground and there are restaurants around.These 2 points are my highlights
A recommended place to stay for you guys. Check them out in google
I have forgotten to take pictures before I messed the room.Oops! Lol
Alright till then

More updates tomorrow as I am going for a day trip around Berlin City
Will share pictures with u guys

July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

GOSH! So bloody rusted my blog right now
Scrolling my camera and I found pichas!!
Gonna have a long birthday post right now!!!
Celebrated 3 persons birthday
First celebration

Then the birthday tradition......

Then we have Suzanne's Birthday!!

 And the last birthday I celebrated together with....was Grandpa's
One whole big family in a private room at the restuarant
Equiped with Karaoke system
Visit Everday Supreme Restaurant,Raja Uda
They have another branch in Penang Island too

Cheers to grandpa!

Happy Birthday to All!!