August 18, 2012

✈July getaway✈

I was away for a couple of weeks last month.
Visited UK again.
Not just UK itself this time but Berlin,Germany
However,part of the reason for the travel was to attend a graduation too
Congrates to Ms Cheah! Graduated with first class honour
Very proud of you girl!
There are tons of picture that I am gonna share so I think I would better just do the lazy people blog,lol!
More pictures,less words

 Our stay in Berlin!
During our stay in Berlin
All we had for our meal was Pasta & Pizza!!
However I get to grab some chinese rice/noodle box
I was being too asian! Missing home food after too much of pizza n pasta!
Ricebox was just right to ease my crave

Some tourist attractions of course
with our Day Tour Guide

Was pouring during our walking tour.But it just went on!

It looks like graveyard to me,lol
Its actually a memorial park for the jeweish

Berlin has got too many historical places
So,everywhere were buildings and memorial park
Oh if you happened to go Berlin,please becareful with the roadside game tricks
They CHEAT tourist money
Playing some box suffling on the floor and ask tourist to place bet but ended up switching the correct box when the tourist are not aware of it
So please beware! They are pretty good in convincing you to place the bet

The Berlin bear,and Berlin wall

This is a must-eat food! The German hotdog came from the backpack hotdog stall!

After 4 nights,we moved back to the UK
Visited Liverpool,Man U,London,Arsenal

Finally some chinese!!!

Looking for designers brand? Just name it!

Once again!Congrates Ms Cheah SY
Graduated in Degree of Civil Enginering with first class honour!
We are proud of you

Also,congrates to Ms Chin & Mr Sim for graduated in the University of Society!