August 15, 2012

July Cosmetics Haul NARS & YSL ❤

Hello readers!
I have something interesting to share with you people!Especially the ladies.
If you do follow my instagram or twitter or facebook page,you would know that I was out of the country in July
I was in the UK
I love the UK so much during their summer sale
And what have I got on my visit?
I spent a lot grabbing on cosmetics!
Been hearing about NARS cosmetics and been watching youtube with lots people featuring NARS cosmetics.So,I decided to give a try!
Grab few of their HOT selling or should I say award winning products
Lets see

NARS illuminator stick

The first tone is gonna be for people with darker skin tone and the second one will be for fair asian skin tone.These stick mainly to create the natural glow under your makeup

Aside from the stick
I bought their liquid illuminator too
Well,thanks to the sale person.She was so good in promoting the products and made me went irresistable on their products!

The liquid illuminator for almost all skin tone.

Look at the name! Super Orgasm!!
Lol...My clients are going to have Super Orgasm with this product??!!!
Next will be the eyeshadows
I like the texture of the eyeshadows
The colour are intense and its shimmers...mmmm,caught my eyes

This is a very sweet romantic colour.Very suitable for bridal look.
Named "Baby Girl"

The colour below is called "Silent Night" its not yellow like in the picture.Maybe because of my camera white balance setting.Its actually gold in colour

And this duo eyeshadow is of natural colour.
Its more like earth colour
Neautral colour can never go wrong in makeup.So,everyone should have at least one neutral colour eyeshadow in their makeup pouch.

Lastly,the lip colour
I got their "Honolulu Honey" lipstick
I love how NARS name their products
They are so creative in giving such cute funny names

Oh,of course not forgetting 2 more item
The YSL lipsticks

My first time trying on YSL lipstick
Review,the serie of lipstick that I bought is very soft and moisturizing
and I love their packaging
Making the lipstick looking classy and elegant

Oh! I am so excited to meet my videoperson later.
Gonna do a makeup tutorial with some NARS products
See you guys soon! xx

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