August 11, 2012

The white mansion

It makes me feel like something left behind when I dont blog for sometimes.
After getting all my blog layout and template done,I finally get to blog nicely.
I am thinking to blog about my July trip to the UK and Germany but I havent got the photoes sorted out
So,I think I woulf just blog about my meet up with few friends past 2 days
We had dinner at this beautiful romantic place called Macalister Mansion
I have been seeing friends blogging and posting pictures about this place but I couldnt have a chance to go there until the past 2 days I finally planned out a dinner with few friends there.
There is like a total palace-like place.
All white and everything were classy and in style!
So most of the pictures are going to be blurry =(
Nevermind! I will go back there again for sure
I tried out the food and services,rated them a 9/10
Gonna bring my bigboy there for our 7th anniversary next month

Look at the ambience and the colour combination!Its so cozy and romantic aint it?

Then,here comes our orders

Of course,we need to pray before we eat right! Ok,phone ready....

Ok done praying,its time to feast

I dont take beef,but they do,and of all the food,their highlight was on the beef
Their Wahyu Cheek are TENDERLICIOUS
It was so nice that my friend said worth the price
So,If you love beef.....Dont miss out!

Till then...a great dinner together

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