October 22, 2012

Student Potrait shoot promotion!

I have always love doing makeup and photoshooting and now it has become part of my job.Upon this coming school holiday,Im lauching a promotion for the students.After all the exams and stress,you as a student should now have some fun.Plan a date with me,and let have some fun together in the photoshooting session.Be it a casual photoshoot or fashion photoshoot,we know we gonna enjoy some relaxation.Pose as you wish.Dance and move to your freedom.
Wait no more.Call up to do your booking.We start taking reservation already

October 20, 2012

Special effect makeup

Hello readers,if you do follow my instagram,you would know that I did some special effect makeup.Yeap,I am gonna do a blogpost about it right now.
I personally call the makeup special effect coz its not practically being used in public unless its for halloween or some costume party.
A friend of another friend of mine,who has now became my friend also,named Oliver,has this final assignment for his course and so he came up with this very artistic short film.Besides,he is going to bring this short film for some competition,I yet to know much about it but it was something important for him.
Lets see what we have done
That was a serious project for him and he had all the equipments ready set 

The first look,The mimes
We had some audiences too..

Then the gold....

The last,The Monster..I prefer to call it zombie...

I cant wait for the short film to be done.Seems they will have some 3D visual effect in the film.I just cant wait
Till then

October 12, 2012


Hello readers,I have some updates on my looks.Yes! After years of long fringe,I finally bring out my courage to cut my fringe short.I never really dare to get my fringe cut because I am so scared that bangs are hard to manage.But this time,I kinda think myself wrong.Not too bad to maintain apparently.
Excuse the vain me and below are going to be few eye-sore selfcap pictures.If you can't tolerate the way I pose on the camera then I would advise you not to scroll any lower.lol

Cheers ❤

October 4, 2012

Annivers❤ry Dinner at Cassis,Belissa Row

Last month,ya i know,very out dated post again,ok,September 20th was me and my bigboy anniversary.This year is the 7th!
Time flies,really!
Now that I know we have known each other for 9 years and in this relationship for 7 years.
Ah.So what to write in this anniversary post?
Describe him?
He is Bulky! Fat ooops..I mean Fit..lol
Kidding.Whatever body size he is,he is still someone dearly to me
He has been my best best friend ever
We have been thru ups and downs together.Honestly,our relationship are really like best friend kind of thing.He hurts me I forgive but cant forget,I hurt him,he forgive and totally can forget
He is a guy who has the highest EQ ever and with that,I doubled my anger because he is NEVER angry
I hope you know what I am talking about.
Ah! I shall cut the crap
Lets see what we had on our 7th anniversary night out
Penang is small.Nice place to dine is limited.He googled,and found this.So he brought me to Cassis.
Cassis is a fine dining restaurant situated at Pulau Tikus,Belissa Row
It has a cozy and sophisticated ambience,serving french cuisine.
One thing interesting from Cassis is that they change their menu every week
As for lunch you will have 3 course menu
Dinner,they serve 4 course and 6 course
So If you wish to check on their menu,do call in for reservation
The menu or rather, the dishes on the 6-course dinner will be fixed, changing of the menu will not be compromised, so do ask them before your visit. They have a wide selection of red/white wines, glass wines, beers and even fruit juices are available too. Prices vary, depending on your choices but do note that all the additional drinks/alcohols are subjected to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.
That night,we ordered 4 course dinner
It cost RM78 nett (Yes,without taxes)
So 2 sets of 4 course dinner only cost us RM156,and that was it
We didnt order any drinks because they serve plain water and thats just fine for us as we were having another round after dinner
I personally think the price is resonable.
Let me show you around
Not much worker but no worries,their service is good and they are quite attentive. 
The upper floor

My 4-course meal
Appertizer-Entree-Main Course-Dessert
 I cant remember the name of my appertizer...
 Mushroom Soup
I cant remember the name too,but its pork 
Creme brulee
His 4 course meal
 Garden Salad
 Garlic Soup
 Name,sorry I forgot! Some buffolo wings'
Tiramisu in cup

We are giving good review for Cassis.And Bigboy said shall go back anytime for their food
After dinner,we had our chilling session
Just us
at Bagan Bar

 Jazzy live band me likey!
 Favourite Mojito for myself,Hoegaarden for him

That hand of mine was to cover his fat face!

My coordinate of the night
Our Selfcap to end the night using timer from the cam.
NG few times
Alright thanks for reading my share
P/S: Thanks bigboy for alway being my best friend and best companion throghout my ups and downs