October 20, 2012

Special effect makeup

Hello readers,if you do follow my instagram,you would know that I did some special effect makeup.Yeap,I am gonna do a blogpost about it right now.
I personally call the makeup special effect coz its not practically being used in public unless its for halloween or some costume party.
A friend of another friend of mine,who has now became my friend also,named Oliver,has this final assignment for his course and so he came up with this very artistic short film.Besides,he is going to bring this short film for some competition,I yet to know much about it but it was something important for him.
Lets see what we have done
That was a serious project for him and he had all the equipments ready set 

The first look,The mimes
We had some audiences too..

Then the gold....

The last,The Monster..I prefer to call it zombie...

I cant wait for the short film to be done.Seems they will have some 3D visual effect in the film.I just cant wait
Till then

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