November 23, 2012

First night I see Taipei

Travelling has much become part of myself.I appreciate every oppurtunity I have as much as I appreciate each trip no matter its far or just somewhere nearby.
I read up blog describing how fun is Taiwan,seeing pictures posted of Taiwan food.So, last month checking the airtic of ChinaAirlines and the price was kinda resonable,me and mybigboy decided to go for a visit joining another 3 friends of mine who had purchased their tic earlier.
It wasnt bigboy's first trip so,he and Cyrus were the tour guide for other 3 of us because that was our first time visit!
Took the evening flight directed to Taipei
Reach there at night and we were so hungry
Once we done with check in,the food hunt started
went to a Restaurant opposite our stay at Ximenting
(I forgot the name of the restaurant and was so hungry that I couldnt bother to take much picture)


Done supper and the night was still young.They said you shouldnt miss clubs in Taiwan.So straight after the supper we went to a club named "Room 18"
We have Room at Juru,and Shoju Room in Penang
So I went to have a look at Room 18 in Taiwan lol
Apparently the clubs there are way well designed and the crowd there are awesome as they really dress up for the night
All I could see are cute girls and cute guys! Everyone was like celebrity for me
Makeup and hair were awesome
So prettttty and lots of cute guys that caught my eyes!
LOL...Bigboy was jealous when I kept telling how cute they look

We didnt stay long that night as we were kinda tired after the flight and all. Futhermore that night wasnt crowded so,we left after a couple of drinks
This is my intro of my Taiwan trip
I have more coming up next
See you

November 16, 2012

Where's The Party - Carlsberg

Facebook , instagram and blogs are huuhaa-ing about the Asia's most epic party.And YES indeed it was!!
Carlsberg's - "Where's the party"
That was the theme of that night party and it was the 3rd time Carlsberg did that.
Me,Mybigboy and a friend were the passes winner and to our surprise,every winner get a hotel room for a night stay!
Wow! Isnt that really fun? Party + Hotel Room + Free flow of beer
Why is it called "Where's the party?"
This is because,none of us know where the party was going to be held.Went to the registration at Queensbay,hopped on the coach provided and we were drove away not knowing to where.

However,being a penangites,stated Beach Party,nonetheless we could guess Batu Feringhhi and Hard Rock had the wonderful beach side and YES we guess it right.
So first destination was to our hotel room.Checked in,get a shower and to the PARTY!
I got Bayview Hotel

 We Made it at last!

BigBoy and Seng got Holiday Inn

Cozy cozy! Me crash in with boyfie and my room,I gave it to CY who was my guest of that night
alright alright! I cant wait to go to the party
So lets start preparing

My look for that night all thanks to the tools.

And my coordinate for the Party
I paired my dress with the Carlsberg Tee
This party gonna be huge so I brought along my vintage Fendi sling pouch
and my fav Roma Sandals from Vincci

And are you ready now that we gonna go party around?

Let the party begin!

And so before we really start drinking,we had our dinner
Carlsberg had all the local food served!
How great!! And I miss their Char Koay Teow
The food are from EDEN

This event was totally great as everything are so well arranged and every guests were nicely served
Me love their LED stage!
Their huge LED stage with the DJ console in the middle in a cube

Joey G + Patricia K hosting the party
Asia's most epic party even brought people from Hong Kong - Singapore - KL

Edmund Leong,HK artist was performing that night

The most wonderful thing was, I get to meet my friends from KL and of course Penang friends as well,when we didnt really have time to actually gather up for a catch up
Its has been quite a while

My bitch Sylvia!


 We have Jane Chuck & Nana!

 The first meet with Anerly

Of course the sweet Povy in da house!

Two pretty Ashley & Stephy

Meet Jorise

Seng & Boyfie's Couzie

 Cy my guest of the night

Mr Mabuk Siang G

And lastly,Of course my bigboy Thierry

Party went ON and ON
I say Carls" You say Berg"!!!

Dance Jump and cheers for hours was really exhausting

Saw some had their time really comfortable with the beanbag!

bigboy and I had some rest at the beach bench

Sad thing that night was,my sandal broke off!MY FAVOURITE PAIR THAT I BARELY WEAR

So the next day I went home with the flipper that Carlsberg gave in their goodie bag =(
OK,skip that..let the happy mood flow.what else in the party?

We also got to play darting from the famous iDarts

and if you think you drank too much that night,they had a Alcohol Test booth
Bigboy took the test and rated "Still SOBER" lol

Cant deny that I am growing old.Hardcore party time had really passed.
Got out from the beach around 1 plus in the morning couldnt bear to party till 3.Me and bigboy went hunting for food
and so,I met my ladies otw and same thing they were hunting for FOOD too
They were craving for La Mei Zi , so vrrrrrrooom we went!
Happy US!

The food hunter getting the minced meat and eggs scrambled!

Contented filling our stomach that night!
and of course,after supper what to do best is to sleep

The next day,everyone need to check out by 12pm
It was just a good time not having to wake up too early

Took our brunch at Ananda Bahwan

This was how the whole party ended
Double thumbs up for Carlsberg for the great party
Thank you and looking forward for the next WTP