November 23, 2012

First night I see Taipei

Travelling has much become part of myself.I appreciate every oppurtunity I have as much as I appreciate each trip no matter its far or just somewhere nearby.
I read up blog describing how fun is Taiwan,seeing pictures posted of Taiwan food.So, last month checking the airtic of ChinaAirlines and the price was kinda resonable,me and mybigboy decided to go for a visit joining another 3 friends of mine who had purchased their tic earlier.
It wasnt bigboy's first trip so,he and Cyrus were the tour guide for other 3 of us because that was our first time visit!
Took the evening flight directed to Taipei
Reach there at night and we were so hungry
Once we done with check in,the food hunt started
went to a Restaurant opposite our stay at Ximenting
(I forgot the name of the restaurant and was so hungry that I couldnt bother to take much picture)


Done supper and the night was still young.They said you shouldnt miss clubs in Taiwan.So straight after the supper we went to a club named "Room 18"
We have Room at Juru,and Shoju Room in Penang
So I went to have a look at Room 18 in Taiwan lol
Apparently the clubs there are way well designed and the crowd there are awesome as they really dress up for the night
All I could see are cute girls and cute guys! Everyone was like celebrity for me
Makeup and hair were awesome
So prettttty and lots of cute guys that caught my eyes!
LOL...Bigboy was jealous when I kept telling how cute they look

We didnt stay long that night as we were kinda tired after the flight and all. Futhermore that night wasnt crowded so,we left after a couple of drinks
This is my intro of my Taiwan trip
I have more coming up next
See you

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