December 5, 2012

欢乐满槟江 at G Hotel,Penang

On the 29th of November,Kwang Wah Jit Poh together with all the Datos,Datins,DatoSri and DatinSri had organized a Charity event called 欢乐满槟江

This event main purpose is to collect funds for Penang Government Poverty Eradication Plan and SJAM (Emas) Penang
(St Jones Ambulance Penang)
In the Fund raising, they have all the Datos Datins DatoSri and DatinSri to perform on stage
Be it musical,drama or dance performance,they did an awesome performance to my surprise
We often see those people with serious faces at work and meeting and now its totally great to see them getting loose and their fun side of their life by singing and dancing on stage

 Enjoy performance by daddy, singing his best song on stage

Mummy performing in group dance
The 60's dance
And of course they had the VIP
Mr Lim Guan Eng,Penang State Minister
 2nd Babysis & Bigboy were invited
The others couldnt make it that night =(
Brought along my aunt who came back from Sg to join us!
Meet Aunt Rachal
The Cheque presenting session


And for the closing, of course its the "Oppa Gangnam" dance!
Some of the datos datins might be over 50 years old but,their heart are so young
Look at daddy telling Mr Guan Eng to do the Gangnam moves!

Till the end of the event
A pic with Daddy & Mummy 

Thanks to Kwang Wah Jit Poh, thanks to the Penang Gov, thanks to all the Datos Datins for this very meaningful charity event

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