December 12, 2012

Heaven Gate at King Street,Penang

I am so happy to know another new restaurant opened in Penang.
Penang is so small and if you are a penangites, you almost have already tried out most places I bet.
This restaurant that age only 3 weeks is located at King Street.
Easier to find, it is 2 shops after the restaurant called "The Sire"
Introducing Heaven Gate,a restaurant that serve french and italian cuisine
With the increasing demand from the people in well dining, Heaven Gate has just made the right appearance.

Heaven Gate setting is inspired by various statues and significant places in Italy and France. The owner was a tour guide and while travelling, he captured the design and feeling of the places while travelling and  now he comes up with this restaurant bringing the feeling back to us.

There are two menus in Heaven Gate.
One is for their lunch set and another one is the dinner menu
Their business hour:
Monday - Sunday
11.45am - 12:00 midnight/1:00 am

For any reservation, call up the Manager
+6017 4145 945

 The simple yet comfortable setting of the table
 This deco is inspired by the Rome Colleseum and Fontana D' Trevi
 The owner said, what he thinks heaven should have, is a Rainbow Bar
Its a double storey restaurant.The 2nd floor is the chillax area. A lil lounge with live band and cocktails, a total relaxing environment after your working hour

Meet Mr Teh, the young and creative owner of Heaven Gate
Stay tuned for my next post. A review for dining in Heaven Gate

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