December 17, 2012

Jenny's 24th birthday dinner at Heaven Gate

It was Jenny's 24th
Was thinking where to dine and at the end we came to a conclusion
Birthday dinner at Heaven Gate
Nobody has been there yet as its very new
So here we are,a group of 6,held an advanced birthday dinner

 Homemade pumpkin soup
Salade De Jardin
 The Garden Salad
 The boss recommended,a-must-order food
Magret D'oie Roti
(Roasted goose breast with honey red wine sauce)

Red Wine Chicken Chop

Grilled BBQ Chicken

Saveur De Haricot Saumon Poele
Flavour Bean Pan Seared Salmon

Dorade Grillee Vin
Wine Grilled Sea Bream

Francaises Poulet epice
Spicy Grill Chicken

 Happy Nomsss!!!
We loving the food! Will definitely go back again
with all the ladies around,of course we wont miss out the desserts!
Heaven Gate signature desserts
 Creme Brulee
 Marble Cheese
 Tiramisu in glass

 Happy girl wishing upon the pretty desserts
Then the photo session of course!


Happy Birthday once again lady!
May your wishes be granted!


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