May 16, 2013

Jiu Fen Old Street | Jiu Fen Teahouse

I was hunting for their local delicacies when I was in Taiwan. Pineapple cookies,Sun biscuits and many others are the must-try items!
So we went to Jiu Fen,located high up the hill
Jiu Fen Old Street is well known as the place for tourist to get their local made delicacies
Of course everywhere you go in Taiwan,you will not starve
There will be stalls selling food for sure

 I call them Jumbo Escargots

There is one place I personally love the most in Jiu Fen Old street
It is the Famous Jiu Fen Teahouse

Sipping Chinese tea here under the cooling wheather is really a bliss!
Classic yet comfortable place for high tea

 We have the lady to teach us how to prepare the tea in a right way


 Phailed to act! lol
Anyway I really enjoyed!

Till then...
Signing off..

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