December 9, 2012

Taiwan is love ❤

Been hearing lots and lots of people saying how fun is Taiwan
And last month I finally get to visit
Indeed,that it leaves me great impression!
I will go back to Taiwan again by any chance
So basically and generally,the first thing you would think about when people mention about Taiwan is their street food.Gosh! I cant believe that I ate from the beginning of a street till the end of it. Hopping from stall to stall.
Their food are superyummylicious!! OK la I abit "Kua Jiong" (Exagerated) but it was really great enjoying their street food and snacks and stroll along the flea market,looking at pretty things under a cool wheater! Hmmmm.....blogging about it is making me to miss Taiwan now.
I am never a cold wheather person.I tend to hibernate a while in cold wheather to adapt myself. However November wheather in Taiwan was just fine.
Not too much for me. 23-26 degree celcious I love it.

And the next day, we went to another market street and there is this shop selling herbal chicken/duck/pork soup pairing with noodle "mee suah"
And the queue was like............ little LRT long
we queued anyway

 Ah! I got a clear pic after the line was cleared

"Ta pao" and dined at the park

After the market street,visited this jetty
"Dan Shui Yu Ren Ma Tou"
Sorry,I cant write or read much chinese
but as I could remember this place was a park that we have to walk pass to go to that jetty

At night,we took the boat across to the jetty

This post is all gonna be about the food
I think I shall make it as visual diary, all about pictures

A must try food in their 7-eleven!
One of my fav food in Taiwan
They have their own name called "Guang Dong Zu"
but I name them Taiwan Yong Tau Fu
Another fav food is their steam noodle!!!

Lastly of course the famous rice noodle!
I can never forget the taste of it and I dont mind having them like everyday
 Very crowded and there is no table

 Everyone will just stand and finish up their noodle
Chairs are very limited

Hah! I am so hungry now seeing all the pictures
Alright gonna do a closing to this post
After days of street food,the last night of our trip I manage to date my taiwan friend out
Had a great dinner and catching up session
Of course some tourist shot with the Taipei 101 building

 Meet Alicia & Amy
Waiting for their visit to Malaysia
Till then......xoxo

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