January 25, 2013

Heaven Gate | Valentine's PROMOTION

This time round,I believe lots of your friends are coming back for holiday and the coming CNY or maybe not,idk.But I have few friends who are back in town.So last week, met up with Suz. Did a lil catching up and we had great time crapping stories
From late afternoon till night,after dinner.
If you do follow my blog,pretty sure you know I blogged about this new restaurant in Penang,called Heaven Gate

Or If you dont know what about this Heaven Gate,please click HERE
So,Suz just came back from Melbourne after few months studying there.When Heaven Gate was opened,she wasnt around.Thus,I decided to bring her there for our dinner!
Heaven Gate now has their Spaghetti Served!
What did we ordered?
Of course we tried out their Pasta
Rated 8.5
 Fettuccini Carbonara for Suz

 Spaghetti Bolognese for me

Of course I didnt missed out the Creme Brulee

By the way,do u know Valentine is around the corner?
Have you planned up where to plan and what to buy as a gift or what do you wanna do with your partner?
Let me settle one part for you
If you are looking for a place to dine in, try Heaven Gate
They are having the Valentines Promotion for couple

You must be having question,why do I often promote for Heaven Gate and often return there to dine?
Let me give u my answers
1. The services are Great! That would be my main point.
Every places I went for dining,I look at their services for most
2. Washroom Cleanliness is my second observation
Idk about you,but to me,washroom cleanliness is very very important.It like an image to a place be it restaurant,cafe,pub,boutique,mall or even your own house.
Heaven Gate washrooms are well cleaned even though they don't have much renovations or decorations but the "CLEAN" comes first
3. The owner is a great person. Very low down and friendly
With that,I am willing to go back despite the charges
4. Cozy environment. The ambiance and settings are homey. Not very grand and huge space but the place make you feel attended and well served
5. The last, would be the taste and the price of the food.
One sentence: Good food with resonable price
So What are you waiting for?
Hop over to get a taste for yourself
LIKE their facebook PAGE to always get promotion updates

And of course some Outfits post before ending this
Coordinate of the day
Top: Online Boutique
Navy blue Stripey skirt: Warehouse
Bag: Prada Nylon Tote
Quilted flats: Singapore
Accessories: White Baby G Analogue Watch
 Suz's coordinate
Stripey tube: Dotti
Denim shorts: MNG
Bag: Chanel Tote
Flats: Tory Burch
Accessories: Colette

Till then 

January 16, 2013

Thirty8 | Grand Hyatt KL - Desserts Time

I have seen many blogging about the desserts they had in Grand Hyatt Hotel in KL
and I yet to try that time but already being tempted with the taste of the dessert
So last month Dec 2012 
(Excuse me for the very back dated post.I just found the pictures in my cam  = =")

My teddybear and I and with another 3 friends of mine when tea there
Thirty8 at Grand Hyatt KL
They serve various type of desserts but there is no afternoon tea sets

 Thitry8 signature cake!
 This is my favourite,chocolate cake fresh from oven with the raspberry sorbet
Gosh! look how the vanilla cream melted in when you cut the cake
If you eat together with the sorbet,hot + cold,yummmmm!
I wanna go back there!
and then the banana+pineapple+coconut crumble with vanilla soft ice-cream
Was a great time chilling there
and the desserts are really delicious.
At least the 3 items I ordered were good
Price range : Resonable for a hotel rate

Beautiful place of course wont missed to take pictures before leaving
Us in white!
And if you are planning a visit there,let me give you some info
Hotel Parking
In-house guests: Complimentary
Non in-house guests: 
6:00am - 6:00pm - First hour MYR 10.00
       Subsequent hours MYR 5.00
     6:00pm - 6:00am - MYR 10.00 flat rate

Hours (THIRTY8 Restaurant and Lounge)

 Daily 6:00am – 11:00pm

Hours (THIRTY8 Wine Bar)

Sunday to Thursday, 12:00pm to 12:00am
Friday and Saturday, 12:00pm to 1:00am


For more information, please contact +60 3 2182 1234 extension 2340 or email thirty8.kuagh@hyatt.com  

January 11, 2013

Online shopping! Belladore | DressingRoom | Dsparkles

Online shopping is very addictive and fun
First of all you can just do your shopping wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet
You dont need to be troubled and you dont need to hustle through the traffic and then you need to get frust finding for carpark
All you need to do is just click click click then your stuff will be delivered to your door steps!
Isnt that convinient?
And so there is now another online boutique launched prior to the increase demand of fashion in the market nowadays
People love dressing up
Even the older people know already have smartphone and they are exposed to online shooping too
Lets welcome Belladore!

Belladore deliver apparels that are in trend. Most apparels will be more to conceptual. You can find premium quality outfits and also party and cocktails dresses in Belladore
Belladore will soon bring in more,not just outfits but accessories be it shoes,bags or other
Stay tuned with Belladore
So feel free to support and click 'LIKE' in Belladore page
Thank you !

And another site that provide you a great shopping where you can get your favourite fashion at a reasonable price,visit DressingRoom
DressingRoom will have frequent updates and not only a site for clothing.They do have handmade accessories and other accessories for you to glam up your style
So why not make a visit there?

Recently there is a site that caught my eye too
An online site for the most reasonable priced accessories

They have got different range of accessories,from headgear,to hair accessories,then necklaces,chokers,bracelet and etc
Feel free to spend your time there.I bet you could get some pieces that will suits your outfits!
Dont be late for their PROMOTION now
Sign Up and enjoy the sales!

Happy Shopping readers!

January 9, 2013

Famosa | Penang Satay celup

I think once I mention about satay celup, u would definitely think of the famous food in Malacca
But let me tell u penangite, you can know have it in Penang!
Don't have to drive down a long way to get your crave fixed
You can cook in the gravy,plain cook,grill and even deep fried. Yeah 4 ways in 1truck

Satay celup truck stall
Located at Pulau Tikus , in front of Maybank
From 6pm-10pm
And then they will move to the road infront of Pulau Tikus Tong Pak Fu
From 10pm-3am

Grill whatever you want it to be grilled

5 types of sauce,from sweet to spicy!

Plain cook or gravy! (Satay celup way)

Deep fried in the super boiling oil!

January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012 at Feringghi Garden

Happy 2013!
No matter it iss a good start or a bad start,remember,you still have to go on with your life.So make it a great one.
I thought of doing 2013 post but I cant missed the fun I had on Christmas
Couldnt make 2012 to wait for me
So here is my post-dated blog

Christmas has always been one of my favourite festive season (aside from CNY and Valentines )
Everything and everywhere is so preettttyy and most of the places are beautifully decorated.

This year,me and my friend organized a Christmas dinner
Not that we celebrate Christmas but we think its a great time for everyone to get together for a wonderful dinner
So,we dressed up and get a good dinner!
And everyone was toasting for a greater coming year of 2013
For HEALTH For Wealth For Happiness

Sorry for the quality.Cant expect more from phone cam.
At least could see our faces =) 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
My coordinate of the night
Burgundy Toga dress + Bandage Skirt : Online Boutique
Burgundy clutch : Bershka
Stripy Black Heels : Vincci
Watch & Earings : Chanel
2012 Christmas was awesome
Did little gift exchange with family and few friends

Thanks to myself,my fattyboy,daddy,mummy and the sisters
 Thanks Chien
 Thanks Yow
And Thank you Qweny!
And before I end this post,I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Wonderful New Year
Love you all and thank you for always be with me
Thanks for the supports and encouragements
I hope I could blog more and do better