January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012 at Feringghi Garden

Happy 2013!
No matter it iss a good start or a bad start,remember,you still have to go on with your life.So make it a great one.
I thought of doing 2013 post but I cant missed the fun I had on Christmas
Couldnt make 2012 to wait for me
So here is my post-dated blog

Christmas has always been one of my favourite festive season (aside from CNY and Valentines )
Everything and everywhere is so preettttyy and most of the places are beautifully decorated.

This year,me and my friend organized a Christmas dinner
Not that we celebrate Christmas but we think its a great time for everyone to get together for a wonderful dinner
So,we dressed up and get a good dinner!
And everyone was toasting for a greater coming year of 2013
For HEALTH For Wealth For Happiness

Sorry for the quality.Cant expect more from phone cam.
At least could see our faces =) 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
My coordinate of the night
Burgundy Toga dress + Bandage Skirt : Online Boutique
Burgundy clutch : Bershka
Stripy Black Heels : Vincci
Watch & Earings : Chanel
2012 Christmas was awesome
Did little gift exchange with family and few friends

Thanks to myself,my fattyboy,daddy,mummy and the sisters
 Thanks Chien
 Thanks Yow
And Thank you Qweny!
And before I end this post,I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Wonderful New Year
Love you all and thank you for always be with me
Thanks for the supports and encouragements
I hope I could blog more and do better

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