January 9, 2013

Famosa | Penang Satay celup

I think once I mention about satay celup, u would definitely think of the famous food in Malacca
But let me tell u penangite, you can know have it in Penang!
Don't have to drive down a long way to get your crave fixed
You can cook in the gravy,plain cook,grill and even deep fried. Yeah 4 ways in 1truck

Satay celup truck stall
Located at Pulau Tikus , in front of Maybank
From 6pm-10pm
And then they will move to the road infront of Pulau Tikus Tong Pak Fu
From 10pm-3am

Grill whatever you want it to be grilled

5 types of sauce,from sweet to spicy!

Plain cook or gravy! (Satay celup way)

Deep fried in the super boiling oil!

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