February 25, 2013

Short notification

I haven't been blogging!!!! Too many posts pending! Sponsored posts haven't up! So sorry.I was so occupied and ok my bad,lack of self discipline!
I will not do this again!
I will get everything on track ASAP
Till then xoxo

February 18, 2013

Samsung EX2F | Night Photography Workshop

Blogging with my phone again!
I have got no time to really sit in front of my lappie to blog properly!
Have got so many pending blogpost
However, I am gonna slot in this blogpost because these pictures are being transferred from the Samsung Camera via Wifi to my iPhone
So now it's just easy for me to post in everything
Was invited to a photography workshop last weekend
And I brought along my babe,Suz
We were given the Samsung EX2F to do some reviews on it
And guess what,it was really fun playing with the features with Samsung
This camera is well known of it's night photography
And therefore,that day the workshop was about night photography
Let me show you what have I got that day!

My partner of the day!
She joined me right after her photoshoot

The star effect with longest shutter speed and biggest apperture

F7.7 and Shutter at 16"

Another fun thing with low shutter speed!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Samsung for this informative workshop
Glad that there are more and more events in Penang region
We bloggers are getting bored here
Lastly,a group pic with other bloggers

February 4, 2013

Inmimar | Beauty Talk

As a makeup artist,I never stop checking out new products
Not only cosmetics,but skincare products too
I take good care of my skin with good skincare and so,I tried out lots of prominent brands out in the market to care for my skin,of course I don not mean you should do what I do,but get yourself a good set and suits yourself skincare and be very hardworking in taking care of your skin.
Do not blame makeup for your skin problem,but ask yourself how much you care for your skin and how clean you clean your face and how sufficient clean is your face after you remove your makeup.
Was invited to a beauty talk by Inmimar last month and get to upgrade my knowledge towards skincare and its usage/benefits
This is the second time Inmimar organized this beauty talk and this time it's more of hands on session
Inmimar skincare products has earn my trust and confidence and therefore,I make my appearance in its second beauty talk to know even more.
Inmimar products are very gentle to skin so worry less that it would cause trouble to your skin!
Inmimar is a product from Taiwan
Surf HERE for more info


The professional beauty consultant from Singapore
Ms Cat Ng
She owns a beauty salon in Singapore too and with her 10 years experience is surveying skincare products,she is very confident with Inmimar products and its ingredients

Hands-on session for us

The 5-in-1 mask
5 types of ingredients that were mixed altogether
Couldnt remember what were those but I could remember the most important one,which was the pearl powder

15mins till wash off

Before and after!
Might not be very visible here,but I found out that my skin was brighter after the treatment

And what have I brought back from Inmimar!

A box of their signature mask
This box has got 100 pcs and it not the same as other masks (mask that I got from drugstores) that I have tried. The material of this mask is more like a jelly sheet and it allows the skin to breath when you are using it
And another two highlights from Inmimar
The hyaluronic Acid concentrate which is very important to start from young
and the Peptide Capsules
Its better to slow down the aging process start from now instead when aging progessing fast period

So for those of you who are in Penang region,
you can visit their beauty salon in Auto City (Beside OldTown) or Queensbay Mall
for the products and other services