February 18, 2013

Samsung EX2F | Night Photography Workshop

Blogging with my phone again!
I have got no time to really sit in front of my lappie to blog properly!
Have got so many pending blogpost
However, I am gonna slot in this blogpost because these pictures are being transferred from the Samsung Camera via Wifi to my iPhone
So now it's just easy for me to post in everything
Was invited to a photography workshop last weekend
And I brought along my babe,Suz
We were given the Samsung EX2F to do some reviews on it
And guess what,it was really fun playing with the features with Samsung
This camera is well known of it's night photography
And therefore,that day the workshop was about night photography
Let me show you what have I got that day!

My partner of the day!
She joined me right after her photoshoot

The star effect with longest shutter speed and biggest apperture

F7.7 and Shutter at 16"

Another fun thing with low shutter speed!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Samsung for this informative workshop
Glad that there are more and more events in Penang region
We bloggers are getting bored here
Lastly,a group pic with other bloggers

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