March 18, 2013

Birthday dinner with my babe | Ben's Paragon

Yes! Birthday post again!
This is for my bestie Qweny 2013 Birthday dinner
A very simple and casual dinner with me and babe Jacyin
And this dinner was right immediately after she touched down Penang
Drove her from the airport and straight to Ben's Paragon
Loving this place because of its ambience

A lil surprise birthday cake for the happy lady!
She was thinking just to have a dinner with us and never expect any cake
Wishing you a great 2013 Birthday and may you always be showered with good health and happiness

After the important cake cutting ceremony,
Look at their serious act for CANDY CRUSH!!!!!

I have no idea about this Candy thing but I think,I shall find out soon!
Till then
Signing off
Christer C

March 16, 2013

Big day for Celine | Cuvée

Its your 24th birthday babe!
Dedicate this post to Celine
Got her invitation text for her birthday celebration party at Cuvee
Glad I could be there for her celebration

Sorry for the blurry pic
All pics are from phone
Technology indeed comes in handy! And making me lazy to carry my camera out already

And I have my guardian,my man with me!
Agnes MAN
Because,after 2 glass of champagne, you will see me like below

Yes! wont denied I am not a good drinker.
I memang "beh lim" one

Anyway we had a good night together again after not meeting each other for some times


March 10, 2013

Tea for Birthday | Rasa Sayang Spice Market

A short update before I leave the house =)

Yeap! It was us celebrating JoJo's 2013 Birthday yesterday
Didnt pick dinner time but tea-time instead
and this was at Rasa Sayang Resort Hotel

She asked for roses!
And tadaa! Roses!

Happy Birthday Jo!
May your wishes be granted

Lastly,the must have group picture
Till then

March 5, 2013

The giftbox | Modbox

MODBOX Frenzy!

Every month I give myself a little excitement!
Well,pretty sure everyone of u love receiving gift,dont you?
I have been with modbox for 3 months now and I am loving how they send me fun every month.
Products for head to toe are delievered to your doorstep for you to try out!

Beside their products
I love the message card they put in the box. Its like they take care of you personally and make u feel you are so close to them
Love how they communicate with their client

So,here are my 3rd month items!
Loving them to bits!
And for your info,for this box,I pay only RM16.50 but look what I received?
Its definitely worth more than what I pay
Pay LESS get MORE?!
Some items are given in their ACTUAL SIZE!
How could you miss out this fantastic thing

So,how do I get all these in a pretty packaging?
Just get registered to
Sign up their giftbox plan from as low as RM19
Click HERE

I would like to share my favourite item from my 3rd month box

Modbox gave me in actual size!!!
This product comes in handy when you have long thick hair and you are running out of time to visit the salon for a quick wash,this dry shampoo is going to be your ultimate helper!
Just spray onto your hair,and then you will have fresh looking hair that smells good =)

Wanna get those great products for yourself?
Hurry yourself to log on to MODBOX

March 3, 2013

Collar Clips | D'sparkles

Accessories are very in trend now.As you could view in instagram or any other source of fashion on how people play mix and match with accesories with their everyday outfit,hashtagging of armscandy or armswag is always my fav page to see how people put all accessories on their arm.
However,accessories can really be pricey.They could cost you to really a high price which I personally think it shouldnt because I would rather pay that high price for something else
So,if you are a everyday-must-have-accesories person,wait no more but to visit 

Received my items from Dsparkles and really love to have their accessories.
Trust me with just RM5 you can already purchase something from this site

This post I am going to highlight on Collar Clips from Dsparkles
I have been looking for collar accesories and now that I found it from Dsparkles
Lets see what I have got there

Yes! These two little tiny metal do magic
If you wanna have some fun with your dull boring collar,you should grab one for yourself
for just RM5

 Black plain collar

 Open the clips,its a soft metal,you can stretch open with your finger actually
then slip in the clip in collar tips

And you are done!
You have another style of outfit now
2 style in 1 top

 Oh,do FOLLOW their Facebook PAGE for more inspiration and updates
They have daily updates on how you can style your accessories

March 2, 2013

Valentine's Double Date | Via-pre,Penang

Its March already!
Time flies!
And now,I am coming with my Valentine's blog post
Its very back-dated I know but at least I didnt skip right *guilty giggles*
Alright,lets starts.This year Valentine's day was a simple good dinner not just boyfie and myself but with another 2 friends together
2013 is our 8th Valentine's
Thanks to GOD for this gift and of course 'him' for making no end for this relationship
BUT there is one thing I wanna complain lo
He didnt make any reservation for the dinner!!! I was so frust that night afraid I couldnt get any table.However,we 4 were pretty lucky that the restaurant owner manage to spare us a table
where were we that night?
My fav Italian restaurant,Via-Pre
 Havent been to their upper floor,so here is how it looks like!
Valentine's Menu

Serving from complimentary dish to dessert's cocktail

And very sweet of Via-pre with a lil valentine's courtesy for every couple
This was how I celebrated my Valentine's. Of course, dont just be loving on that particular day,but make it an everyday habit in your relationship
Well,not that I dont have any argument,we have arguments almost everyday,trust me.
However,we try to mend every problems together
Thanks for being a  gentleman to me,a bestfriend to me and a FOC labour *Big laugh*
Love ya!

Lastly,Taadaa!! My V'gift
Ipad mini,just like me,light weighted and tiny
Easy to carry!
He knows I love reading blog with my phone,thats why he thinks this is just a right gift to let me have a better reading in NuffnangX

Before ending this post,a vain selfcap picture of myself  *wink*

Bodycon front zipper shimmering silver dress H&M