March 5, 2013

The giftbox | Modbox

MODBOX Frenzy!

Every month I give myself a little excitement!
Well,pretty sure everyone of u love receiving gift,dont you?
I have been with modbox for 3 months now and I am loving how they send me fun every month.
Products for head to toe are delievered to your doorstep for you to try out!

Beside their products
I love the message card they put in the box. Its like they take care of you personally and make u feel you are so close to them
Love how they communicate with their client

So,here are my 3rd month items!
Loving them to bits!
And for your info,for this box,I pay only RM16.50 but look what I received?
Its definitely worth more than what I pay
Pay LESS get MORE?!
Some items are given in their ACTUAL SIZE!
How could you miss out this fantastic thing

So,how do I get all these in a pretty packaging?
Just get registered to
Sign up their giftbox plan from as low as RM19
Click HERE

I would like to share my favourite item from my 3rd month box

Modbox gave me in actual size!!!
This product comes in handy when you have long thick hair and you are running out of time to visit the salon for a quick wash,this dry shampoo is going to be your ultimate helper!
Just spray onto your hair,and then you will have fresh looking hair that smells good =)

Wanna get those great products for yourself?
Hurry yourself to log on to MODBOX

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