March 2, 2013

Valentine's Double Date | Via-pre,Penang

Its March already!
Time flies!
And now,I am coming with my Valentine's blog post
Its very back-dated I know but at least I didnt skip right *guilty giggles*
Alright,lets starts.This year Valentine's day was a simple good dinner not just boyfie and myself but with another 2 friends together
2013 is our 8th Valentine's
Thanks to GOD for this gift and of course 'him' for making no end for this relationship
BUT there is one thing I wanna complain lo
He didnt make any reservation for the dinner!!! I was so frust that night afraid I couldnt get any table.However,we 4 were pretty lucky that the restaurant owner manage to spare us a table
where were we that night?
My fav Italian restaurant,Via-Pre
 Havent been to their upper floor,so here is how it looks like!
Valentine's Menu

Serving from complimentary dish to dessert's cocktail

And very sweet of Via-pre with a lil valentine's courtesy for every couple
This was how I celebrated my Valentine's. Of course, dont just be loving on that particular day,but make it an everyday habit in your relationship
Well,not that I dont have any argument,we have arguments almost everyday,trust me.
However,we try to mend every problems together
Thanks for being a  gentleman to me,a bestfriend to me and a FOC labour *Big laugh*
Love ya!

Lastly,Taadaa!! My V'gift
Ipad mini,just like me,light weighted and tiny
Easy to carry!
He knows I love reading blog with my phone,thats why he thinks this is just a right gift to let me have a better reading in NuffnangX

Before ending this post,a vain selfcap picture of myself  *wink*

Bodycon front zipper shimmering silver dress H&M

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