May 16, 2013

Another 1 year added! 2013 Birthday Celebrations | David Brown's,penang Hill

I know its May already and I am gonna  post up my back dated post
Schedule are packed,work are piling up and I need more than 24hours a day!
Ok,back to the topic,My birthday celebration
This post is gonna be like visual post which will be more on pictures without description
Venue: David Brown's at Penang Hill
The arrangement was by the boyfie

 Love the outdoor seat but we had to move indoor after that because it started to drizzle when we started to order

Happy lady!

And my orders came in 20 mins

This is my FAVOURITE dish of all
Their Potato Wedges are TIP TOP
You just shouldnt miss this if you are going there

Elegant Baroque Printed dress from TWENTY3.MY

 Boyfie love the place because its so away from the city and the weather is cooling

 Finished our dinner kinda early because the restaurant close kinda earlier on the weekdays
So we had our second round
Some wine & champagne

Half way through,got to know my girls joining to celebrate my day
Thank you girls!

Oh! And the last person who made his appearance
Thanks Bos!

As for the gift from the boyfie

Thank you!

Before ending this,
I would like to thanks another friend of mine who was so lovely and sweet,she customized cupcakes and drive all the way just to pass it to me
Glad we had some time for a quick dinner
We couldnt get a good timing to catch up

Once again,thank you all!
This year was simple and nice for me.
Special thanks the boyfie and all my sweet friends
Qweny,Caryn,Jenny,Jac,Alice and Des for the time

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