June 14, 2013

KATE Spring Summer 2013 Beauty Workshop (Sponsored Post)

Cosmetics have always been my best lover.It was such a great news that KATE is launching some new stuff! I have been KATE shadows lover.With their very pigmented eyeshadows, its very easy to use and the colours are vibrant enough and it lasts long.

Was invited to join KATE Spring Summer 2013 workshop. It was highlinghting GOLD colour. At first I was thinking,ok its gold shadows for their new collection but but but, its not just the gold colour,its the real GOLD ! 24K!

For eyes that shine and shimmer with the most luxurious gold effect, GOLDISH EYES from KATE is this season’s must have
Inspired by the latest beauty trend, eyes are washed with a high-impact and captivating gold shine.
KATE GOLDISH EYES contains two unique gold pearl powders:
Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with
0.1% 24k REAL GOLD, and 
Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold.
Combined in a beautifuleyeshadow palette, the two powders create a gorgeous shimmer that is
glamorous and sophisticated.
KATE GOLDISH EYES blends well with all skin tones to create stunning eyes and it is available in 4 beautiful goldish shades.

Was so excited to see how to play with the goldish shade. So we have Mr Hirai-san, KATE International makeup artist to workout the makeover with the KATE GOLDISH EYES

See the difference of the DAY (Left) & NIGHT (Right) look! Using just 1 Pallete that comprises only 4 colours but you can create different looks with it

 The eyes makeup is indeed sophisticated
With KATE GOLDISH EYES (RM59),adding in some enhancement with
KATE Slim Gel Pencil liner (RM44) &
KATE Shiny Eyelid liner (RM44)
and then with
KATE Lash Extension Mascara (RM59)
totally bring out the eyes!
Upon completion of the demonstration,
We had our time to try out all of their new lauch

there are the KATE Shiny Eyelid liner
It comes with 2 colours,Beige and Soft Pink
Lets see how we bloggers had fun with the cosmetics

My partner of that day! My sister Sukkie

 Serious time working out the makeup!
Let me introduce some of my favourite products from KATE

KATE powderless liquid foundation!
Yes powderless!
This liquid foundation is really handy because of its texture.
If you have no time for loose powder to set your makeup,you definitely want to have this.Once you apply this liquid foundation, it will turn into powdery texture after 2 mins.
So, now you may skip your loose or compact powder

 Smoothen the skin,making invisible pores and it also has medium coverage.You can double up if you want higher coverage!

Another item is their new Slim Gel Pencil
No No, its not the GEL in the jar type
The soft pencil allows easy colouration.Its easy to glide on and therefore it could create a smooth fine line!
Eventho its a gel type,it has got fade-resistant gel formula.So, ladies,dont have to worry that you will have black tears =)

And one more item that I am gonna purchase right after the workshop is this
 Freshel Cleansing Lotion by Kanebo
How does this amazing stuff works?
Pump a sufficient amount onto the cotton pad, wipe off the makeup thoroughly and THEN YOU CAN JUST GO TO SLEEP!
Not convincing?
Well, this is not merely just a cleansing lotion,it is a makeup remover and it deep clean your skin,by removing the makeup and at the same time it nourishes and sooths your skin.Therefore,if you are SO TIRED at the end of the day,this product is gonna be your life saver =)
 Lets see how did myself and my sister use their new launch Spring Summer Collection!

 She is stunning right!
With KATE Goldish Eyes as the shadows over her eyes crease, then KATE Slim Gel Pencil as the eyeliner, KATE Lash Extension Mascara and of course you cannot miss KATE Shiny Eyelids Liner!

 Everyone looking great after the workshop
 We have Anerly & Esther

 Carmen & Sherlyn

 Contance and Jxhia

It was a very informative workshop,getting to learn from Hirai-san
Me in sequined gold outer wear and beige maxi to match with the Spring Summer theme
Last but not least,thanks KATE for their very generous and useful door gift

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