June 29, 2013

The Club Asahi Miami 2013 | Soju Room,Penang

So if you are the penangites.You know we had the awesome party last friday.
The Club Asahi Miami
 With my party people!

Blogging about party wouldnt be too much of words right?
All you wanna see are the pictures of our fun night with ASAHI right
So lets the pictures do the talking!
We have our town best DJ,Henrix and the exciting performance from Kryoman!

The bloggers and their partners

The pretty pretty ladies,Jxhia & Fione

Lets have some snapshot with ASAHI 

Need not to say,he is my partner again. Most of the time you can see his face in my blog as my partner for my alcohol-related event
Hahaha, my bouncer/driver/bodyguard/slave O_o/Boyfriend/Bestfriend
Luckily he doesnt read my blog much.Tsk tsk...so not supportive
Alright back to the party
Lets keep it rolling!


See we have our own TAG! With our name on it
Party like a rock star

 Special thanks to Nuffnang and ASAHI Malaysia for this awesome party.
Party people,keep updated with ASAHI,follow them in their facebook PAGE
They will be bringing more excitements!
So stay tuned!

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