July 23, 2013

Liebster Award - Now you know more about me ❤

I was tagged by Shelyn for Liebster Award
And what Liebster Award is all about?
Liebster is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute and welcome.
Basically it's a great way for bloggers get to know each other!

The rules are to:
1. Post 11 facts about yourself, like your personality? You are cool, you are sexy, just anything you like.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger requested you to answer
3. Pick 11 bloggers for the award and tag them!
4. No tag back!

P/S: But for those who are tagged by me, to accept / reject is depend on yourselves, have fun =) 
Alright lets start with the RULE No 1
  1. I am a very skinny lady weighing never more than 40kg and I received lotsss of complains on how skinny I am.GOD-KNOWS-WHY wor! I have been putting effort in putting on weight ever since so-long-ago but it just never happen ok! (So, if you happened to meet me in person,try telling that "Oh I think you put on A LITTLE weight instead"- That definitely going to make my day =P)
  2. I am not fierce nor cool.I am friendly and a very easy to befriended-with person.I know I look damn garang when I dont smile (also because I am shy) but I dont have sweet smile nor big smile whenever I smile because I dont know how to smile =P
  3. I am a makeup artist cum photographer
  4. I graduated in Diploma in Pharmacy but did not pursue further (Reason : I want to do something that I am more passionate about)
  5. I am the eldest in my family with 5 siblings (4 girls and 1 boy)
  6. I am a "BANANA" - I can speak mandarin well enough but I cant read and write much in mandarin.
  7. I love travelling
  8. I love collecting BAGS - Cosmetics - Perfumes - Camera - Paperbags - Boxes (End up my room is like a store room)
  9. A fashion lover
  10. I am very fussy when it comes to hygiene. 
  11. Oh,one last weird thing that I must tell is that, I DONT LIKE people to sleep too much.You can sleep forever when you are dead. So, live your life doing something better than OVER sleeping. 6-8hours a day is good enough
DONE! And now lets see what Shelyn has to question.

1. What makes you start writing your blog?
The feeling of expressing myself and sharing what I see and what I come across in my daily life with others make me start blogging since 2009

2. What is(are) your blogging tool(s)? (eg. camera, laptop etc.)
My blogging tools are camera/laptop and phone! With the apps call "Blogger", you call blog thru your phone!

3. How do you think about me? Do you read my blog? :D
YOU ARE A VERY NICE PERSON, friendly and chatty (Speaking from the heart) and of course I read shelynated.blogspot.com

4. Briefly tell about your love life (if you're single, tell about your ideal partner! :P)
My boyfie and I have been in a relationship for 7 years 10 months for now and turning the 8th years is this coming September =). He is like my very capable assistant,best-friend, my bodyguard, my slave =P and my punching sack!! LOL.

5. What is your favourite cosmetics/fragrances [CHOOSE EITHER ONE] brand? (For guys, you may state your favourite brand for fragrance)
CAN I LIST OUT? To choose just ONE sounds impossible to me. LOL
Favourite cosmetics,I think I have A LOT
NARS,INGLOT and Urban Decay : Eye Shadows
MAC,Bobbi Brown,Sigma,Rae Morris : Brushes
Bobbi Brown,Makeup For Ever : Foundation/Concealer
MAC,Dior : Lipstick
BVLGARI Amethyst and Miss Dior-Leau : Perfumes

6. What is your dream car?
Current dream car will be Mini Cooper Countryman.
Hopefully next year I can own it.Praying hard.Pray for me too kay *wink* I promise we will go for a ride together if I get it alright?!

7. Condominium / Landed house, which one is more preferable?
Landed house of course.More compound and don't have to tied up with management rules and maintenance fees! 

8. What do you wanna be in the future? Your ambition?
A well known makeup artist with my own cosmetics/beauty line 

9. Who inspires you most in life, and why? 
My dad - He comes from nothing and with his hard & smart work,he gave us a better life. I hope I can have little of his enthusiasm and intelligence in doing business

10. What is(are) in your wishlist?
  • ZUCA Makeup Bag
  • Whole set of Rae Morris & Sigma Makeup Brushes
  • 70-200mm F2.8 Nikkor Lens
  • Hermes Kelly K28 
  • Chanel Black/Grey with Swarozski Elements scarf 
  • Chanel Jumbo in BURGUNDY
  • Christian Louboutin Pumps
  • Celine Phantom in Royal Blue
  • Studio house
  • A conceptual cafe
TRUST ME, I have never-ending wishlist .............................................................................. =D

11. Where do you want to go on vacation / getaway?

once again, FRANCE !

So! 11 question answered!

Now,its me to do the tagging. 11bloggers
  • Grace Chong
  • Jane Lau
  • Hui Ting Cheah
  • Nana Law
  • Shirley Ong
  • Anerly Fang
  • Emily Chong
  • Henry Tan
  • Shanelle
  • Evonz
  • Leonie Leong

My 11 questions will be
  1. What makes you start blogging and what is your blog mainly about?
  2. Where would be your ONE favourite contry to go on a tour again and again?
  3. What camera are you using right now?
  4. 2 favourite bloggers of yours-WHY?
  5. Favourite Cosmetics Brand and for which items?
  6. Define Me and do you read my blog too?
  7. 5 items in your wishlist
  8. Favourite brand for your apparel
  9. Whats your future aim/goal that you wanna achieve? 
  10. Whats your current plan for your future goal?
  11. Who inspire you in your blog and what is your quote to inspire other? 
Have fun ladies.
Hope to read your post 
Thanks for reading! 

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