July 10, 2013

SULWHASOO Soft Launch | Gurney Parkson,Penang

I am an addicts!
Nah! Not addicts as in drug addicts whatsoever! But I am a SKINCARE and COSMETICS addicts!
I love trying out and experiment new stuff and see whats nice and what works better on me and all.
More like reviewing products.
As a beauty lover,I was so delighted when I got the news that there is this Korea beauty line came to Penang.
Yes! They are available in PENANG now!
Perhaps,you didnt hear this brand before its ok because I am going introduce you in general
Korea’s No. 1 Holistic Luxury Skincare

Was invited to attend their soft launch
And we have the branch manager to introduce us everything of SULWHASOO
She was very attentive,providing us as a consumer of all the products details

And now its my turn to share it with you 
 SULWHASOO itself is in Korean
Sulwhasoo is the Korean translation of “snowflower”, which is known to bloom even under the most severe weather conditions. Sulwhasoo represents and celebrates women’s beauty and inner strength

The Korean beauty brand is available to Malaysian women for the first time and unearths to her the beauty secrets of the east with its unique combination of traditional medicinal herbs, especially Ginseng, and the latest advances in dermatological technology. 
Sulwhasoo offers a legacy of traditional Korean beauty wisdom through its wide range of general and specialized skin care collections, and is suitable for distinct consumers who seek a holistic approach to optimize skin health and beauty with the best ingredients from nature. 
SULWHASOO has got different products line that can suits your skin

Essential Line for natural healthy beautiful skin

The Essential Line supplements dry skin from inside out to restore the natural health of skin. With Jaeumdan formulated to treat dryness, coupled with Jaeumboweedan that enhances its effect, each ingredient is delivered to where they are needed for a more natural, healthy-looking and radiant skin. It also helps to improve skin’s firmness and keeps it resilient from aging.

Hydro-aid Line for a well-balanced, moisturized and supple skin

This line supplies much needed moisture deep down into skin and fills in between cells for complete moisturization and plumpness inside, and supple-looking skin on the outside.

Timetreasure for a youthful and radiance skin  
Timetreasure Line is Sulwhasoo’s premium anti-aging line that combats signs of aging, revived skin by eradicating skin’s complicated problems caused by loss of energy, skin liveliness, dull complexion and lack of nutrition. Its formula delivers optimal anti-aging solution by harmonizing the skin.

Men’s Line for healthy, elastic skin

Specially created for men, ingredients used in this formula are designed to defy root causes

 of aging, restore skin vitality and energize skin to revive elasticity.
These are the main 4 products line available

They also do come out with BODY CARE products and cosmetics

 As you can see,Sulwhasoo's products packaging are very unique.

Sulwhasoo’s elegant, timeless packaging draws inspiration from the great masters of Korean art and design, evoking the silhouette of the traditional “HanBok” costume, the smooth curve of Goryeo celadon, and the soft line of Korean mountains.  Highlighted with golden shades, the classic amber color creates subtle dispersions of light.  The contoured bottles fit perfectly in the palm of the hand for a graceful, natural feel.

What is my favourite product from Sulwhasoo

The First Care Activating Serum which is also their store's flagship
 is an essential boosting serum formulated with traditional Korean herbs to assure optimal skin care results, promote balance and replenish essential moisture and nutrients, regardless of age and skin type.

It is one of Sulwhasoo’s flagship products that share the brand’s history since its launch in 1997.  With 9 bottles sold every minute in 2011, the First Care Activation Serum is the brand bestseller and accredited as the best product by Korean media and beauty community.

It is used before any Sulwhasoo collection to optimize effectiveness of following products in the regimen by unlocking the skin's protective barrier for maximum treatment and product penetration.  Upon application, it is absorbed instantly and penetrates deep into skin, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple.  It also prepares the skin to receive treatments and boosts the efficacy of skin care used throughout the regimen.

How to use:

After facial wash in the morning and evening, pump 2 to 3 times into palm andapply with fingertips. Gently wrap the face with hands to help absorption of the product.

I tried the texture during the soft launch and already fell in love with it

 The texture is very light and O% oil.It penetrates into the skin so fast that you can feel the immediate effectiveness of the product

 See the glowy RIGHT hand
(P/S : Ignore the lighting failure here,it doesn't whiten, it makes the skin glowy and hydrated)

You definitely want to get this ladies!
First Care Activating Serum, 60 ml
Retails at RM250 each

Spending time understanding and trying out the products with the bloggers 
My partner of the day Suzanne
We have Grace Choong and Shelyn Ooi too

Last but not least, a pic with the branch manager
Thanks SULWHASOO for having us
You can read more about SULWHASOO at www.sulwhasoo.com
and remember to LIKE their PAGE for more upcoming updates

VISIT them now.
You'll be receiving 4pc gifts with purchase of RM550 & above on Sulwhasoo products! Sulwhasoo is now available at Parkson Gurney Ground Floor (Beside Anna Sui Cosmetics Counter) & Parkson Pavillion! 
Promotion lasts until 31st July! *t&c applied*



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