August 7, 2013

Carlsberg Where the Party 2013

Yea,It a very backdated post.But I dont wanna skip this post.I am gonna do a quick post,more like a visual post,consisting all pictures.So all you need to do is just scroll
This is my second time with Carlsberg-Where's The Party
This time round,winning the ticket and getting registered is totally different from last year

Good party earned great crowd for sure
This year Carlserg WTP was at MAEPS convention hall
 Pretty sure you have heard all the hype about last year WTP
This year the concept and theme have changed
indoors, which was transformed into a venue with the theme of "Jet Set" accessorized by a classic Antonov AN-2 airplane in the aircraft hangar.

 Meet the party people of the day!

 Renn my homegrown girlfriend!
It's has been more than decade we know each other
 Teddy | Michael | Le Boy | Danny Lim
The penangites team! LOL

 Need not to type out
Ashley | JaneChuck | Nanabwincess

It was a great time getting to see friends! 

And when the party rock harder and the party people went insane,

Till the end!

Black Yankees Collapsed
Thanks Carlsberg for the great party entries
Keep updated with Carlsberg at their PAGE

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