August 27, 2013

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque for a bouncy skin ♥

Viewers dropped for sure.Been caught up with dawdled work lately and very not 3 months of emo months,meh!
But anyway, I shall be fine real soon. Its gonna be better and better as day passes by.
So today am gonna blog about a facial mask.
When I mentioned about facial mask pretty sure you have an idea what mask I am gonna talk about.
Yes! Widely marketed out there, ePure membranous Jelly Masque

My very first time with e Pure to be honest and thats enough to start loving the masque

I got this masque in sachet form. It pretty convinient to be traveled with. However, they do available in jar too.
So how do I start with this packet of masque is, just apply a whole 0.5mm tick on your entire face.
Like this

Leave it for 45mins and then rinse cleaar

If you want this jelly to be more soothing,you can actually cool the packing in the fridge for 15mins before use.

And let see how does my skin react to ePure

Taaa Daaa!!!
My skin are brighten and moisturised
If you could touch my face,you could feel the softness! Doink Doink =)

A well moisturized will make your makeup effortlessly looking sheer
All you need is a good skin texture

This was me with a nude makeup the next day after the night with ePure Jelly masque
For better result, you should use at least twice a week.
Love your skin like I do
Look for Grace Choong for more inquiries of ePure Membranous Jelly Masque
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Christer C

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