October 11, 2013

SUSHI TEI in Queensbay Mall Penang ❤

Japanese food is the hot trend nowadays.Not only youngsters go for it,in fact the elderly now are getting hot with Japanese cuisine. Easier to say, its for the whole family.
Oh yea, I was very happy to know that SUSHI TEI has finally come to
Queensbay Mall,Penang
3floor 22A, Queens street, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

It was really a great pleasure to be invited for their food tasting just before a day they are opened for public.
If you havent been to the Queensbay Mall's branch, let me just bring you around before we let the food pictures to hit our saliva nodes! LOL
Sushi Tei always have their retail designed in very comfortable and simple with Japanese atmosphere authenticity. Staff greeting you welcome and goodbye in Japanese totally make you feel like you were dining in Japan.

 Sushi bar with the conveyor belt for you to pick your favourite sushi selections

 They also have private room that could fit up to 10pax

Alright lets get started with what specialities Sushi Tei have!

Something light that we had that day,and it was one of my favourite
Kani Avocado salad

Asari Miso Shiru  

 Chuka kurage

Ikura shoyuzuke 


Having done with some light dishes, let me bring you some courses that are gonna fill your stomach

 Sushi lover, its very worthy to order this,18 pieces of sushi varieties priced at only RM28.80

Sashimi lover like me,you shouldnt miss this platter
Sashimi Platter 'Set A' 
which consists of:
Hon Maguro | Salmon | Tako | Mekajiki | Hanasaki Ika

Unagi Kabayaki

 Gyu Misoyaki 
(comes with beef slices)

Hamachi Wafuu Carpaccio

Salmon Enoki Roll

 SP Unagi roll
Sushi Tei must-order food is their UNAGI!
Soft and tender that make you finish everything on your own!

Phoenix roll
Look at the filling underneath and the shiny fresh unagi slice on top!
How could you not have this on your dining table?

and how did I end my meal
 Teapot Soup
I love the clear soup,made of Sushi Tei special ingredients and this soup make me feel refreshing after meal.
Love how they presented the soup

Readers,if you have trouble to remember the dishes' name.WORRY NOT!
Sushi Tei menu are really consumer friendly. The have pictures for their food selections.
So,just point to the food picture that caught your eyes when you are ordering *wink*

 With all the great food served,we had a great time dining there.
It was even merrier and greater to have new friends from www.penanglang.my
Good food with great people

What you gonna have for lunch or dinner for this coming holiday or weekends?
Bring your friends and family to Sushi Tei,Queensbay Mall now
Enjoy the new environment and yummilicious food

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